jai shree hanuman,

May lord HANUMAN bring all the health happiness and prosperity to you with family and friends and your country.

Happy Hanuman Jayanti

ashok gupta


you can know about HANUMAN Jayanti from following link :

below is the picture of 85 feet tall vigrha (statue) of shree hanumanjee maharaj in trinidad , i saw 7 months back, there. and below are some links about it :

and other three photos are of my one hour live interview in trinidad, at radio (power 102 fm) , in programme Soloutions about India and Hinduism taken by - Former Government Councillor and Cultural Ambassador,Mr Harvey Boris. (below is link) : http://www.power102fm.com/profiles/Programs/Soloutions/tabid/209/Default.aspx

Bolo Pawansut Hanuman jee Maharaj ki Jai
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letter of apology by sbi

Dear Team SBIMF,

i have recieved this letter from hindujagrati.

I as a hindu, apologises , for this childish reaction of Hindujagrati people. Actually i want to congratulate the team for this highly motivating advertisement compaign .

There is nothing defamatery in the ad. rather it reminds us of the heroic act of sri hanuman and sri ram.

I have subscribed to this newsletter of hindujagrati as some time wrong , sometime right, at least they are doing something collectively, but there think tank has some different sort of thinking . some time i have written to them, but they are too busy to answer anything.

In my personal view, By doing so , at least every body is reminded of the great act. if it is in a humorous way, what is wrong in this. at least the act is promoted at the cost of a commercial bank. this is the positive side of it.

This is the act of propogation of a relegious activity, where in verse no. 68 and 69 of chapter 18 in geeta jee, krishna says, that the person to advertise for me, is the most dearest to me.

Advertised in this humourous way is more effective than any other thing.

my salutes to the concept maker of this ad and sbi. and convey my feeling to the original persons. that they did a noble , relegious job, misunderstood by some over enthusiast persons. they should have suggested a changed way of the advertisement , instead of condemning it.

this hindu jagriti tells, us of a news , that an activist slapped by a muslim goonda, what hindu jagrati has a solution, but still i praise this society, as something is better than nothing. they are negative in everything, but i am not.

thanks and conratulation on the effort.

ashok gupta
delhi, india

Apology Letter From: partner for life To: pravakta@hindujagruti.orgDate: Sep 19, 2006 5:07 PM
Subject: Sincere apologiesDear Sir/Madam,
We are extremely sorry to hear that our creative has unknowingly been a cause of concern to some people. We would like to sincerely apologize if we have hurt the sentiments of any person and assure you that that there was no intention to hurt anyone's sentiments. As you can check out with our website we have promptly removed the creative.
Sincerely Team SBIMF
Protests Count: 243View list of true devotees protestedRead Letter of HJS to SBI
To,The General Manager,SBI & Societe Generale of Asset Management
Sub: Immediate withdrawal of your advertisement of ‘SBI Mutual Fund’ denigrating ‘Ramayana’ and tendering public apology therefor.
With reference to the subject, we have come across your advertisement denigrating Hindu deities, on the SBI website at the following linkhttp://www.sbimf.com/advtcampaign/sip/html/learning_SIP.asp?sip,ndtv,sip_lanka_ndtv_fixedbanner190x200. This is highly objectionable.The said advertisement is a depiction of a part of the Ramayana, which is one of the greatest epics of India. Ramayana is a sacred text, which guides mankind by imparting values that are very useful for conducting their lives. You have used one of the concepts of Ramayana to promote your Mutual Fund. This amounts to commercial usage of a holy text of Hindus, which is highly deplorable. Your advertisement seems to portray that Lord Hanuman is writing Rs. 500/- on a rock and placing it in the sea to build a bridge (‘Setu’). To imply that, money grows in this manner. In reality, the story associated with the above said theme is that, when Lord Rama had to go to Lanka, all the ‘Vanars’ (monkeys) led by Lord Hanuman came forward to build a ‘Setu’. When they started placing rocks on the seawater, these rocks drowned. Later, they wrote the name of ‘Shree Rama’ on each rock and the rocks began to float on water. Thus, the ‘Setu’ was built. From this incident narrated in the Ramayana, the entire Hindu community derives that the name of the Lord is the most powerful thing in the universe. It also emphasises upon the high level of devotion that Lord Hanuman and the ‘Vanars’ had for Lord Rama! Your advertisement has made a mockery of both, namely, the Lord’s Name and his disciple’s devotion as well as this incident from the holy text of Hindus. How can you compare Lord Rama’s name with ‘Rs. 500/-’? Lord Hanuman and the ‘Vanars’, who had no other desire except Lord Rama’s worship, is shown to be accumulating wealth in your advertisement! How dare you insult Hindu deities in this manner!This is demeaning of the holy epic ‘Ramayana’ and the devaluation of the devotion of Lord Hanuman and the ‘Vanars’ so also a insult to the Bhaktimarga (Path of Devotion) and the ‘Naamsankirtanyog’ (The Path of Chanting).So also as this advertisement is placed on the internet it is spread all over the world and thus has caused great insult to the image of Hindu religion and hurt religious sentiments of Hindus all over the world as evident from the complaints received by us.
Would you dare to use deities of other faiths, namely Allah or Jesus in the above said manner to advertise your product?You have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. We strongly protest against your anti-Hindu attitude of denigrating Hindu deities, viz. Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman and the holy text of Ramayana. This is a very shocking act on behalf of a reputed Nationalised bank in Hindu predominant country with ‘Secular’ principles. We appeal that you immediately withdraw this advertisement from your website and furnish a public apology for denigrating our beloved deities and holy texts, in order to avoid further inconvenience! If you do not act promptly, it may affect your business! We also appeal that you furnish a written assurance that such acts will not recur in future, from your side.
Yours faithfully,For Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

SBI denigrates Ramayana

The campaign has been stopped as SBI has removed the mocking advertisement from website and apologized within half an hour after this campaign is launched.We thank all protestors for support.