trp of raaj

jai shree krishna,

respected programme maker / coordinator

You have done a great work, since the discovery of tv in the india.

Inspite of already a good TRP, This kind of reality tv serial , is hard to believe by many masses, because lot of people either have little knowledge about rebirth, or no knowledge or wrong knowledge.

There is one suggestion,which can increase the TRP by manifold.

This tv serial establishes the authencity of the million years old concept of rebirth, which is the back bone of Indian sprituality, and more or less in all the relegions, life after birth is also established.

But to educate the ignorant masses of the audiences, we can put a one two minute interview by the major saints / preachers / spritual gurus , who are well known to the society, like morari bapu, asaram bapu, sri sri ravishankar, satya sai baba, brahm-kumari, kirit bhai, avdheshananda jee, pilot baba, some white sadhus from iskcon, and some preachers from christians and muslims also.

I am not only giving this concept to you, but i can help you out, personally , in physical shooting,and basic planning of this idea, for a very less price, or no price at all (as this is a spritual work), as i am from a production house myself.

secondly i have already discussed with a few spritual masters about this.

this can be done from tomorrow itself.

i thought it my duty to inform you, rest is on the krishna and you.

Many congratulations for putting such a programme on air.

thanks and regards

ashok gupta
deciple of Mahamandleshwar Swami Ramananda jee maharaj
1st floor, c-153 , vivek vihar, delhi - 95, india
phone : 98108 90743