my guru acharya शिवेंद्र नागर ji maharaj मेरे गुरु आचार्य शिवेंद्र नागर जी महाराज

my guru's guru swami a k parthasarthy
acharya शिवेंद्र नागर ji maharaj
my guru acharya शिवेंद्र नागर ji maharaj 
in this page , i want to give a small glimpse of my guru acharya शिवेंद्र नागर ji maharaj, who had a lot of influence in my life.

in 2000 he came to new york on my request and the invitation of hindu centre of flushing, new york, usa. and i was blessed by him.

so i wish to introduce him to my all friends and nears and dears.

Welcome to शिवेंद्र नागर ji
Sunday, July 8th 2007
Mr. Shivender Nagar is a student of Vedanta and a
follower of Swami A. Parthasarthy. He has lectured
all over Europe and North America. We are
grateful to have him visit our Temple on Sunday
July 8th. His lecture will be titled “Relevence of
Gita in modern life”.
Contrary to the general belief that youth and
Religion are opposed, young शिवेंद्र नागर ji is stirring audiences the world over by his
thought provoking presentations.
It all began when शिवेंद्र नागरji returned from his job
in Switzerland and met internationally acclaimed Vedantin, Swami A. Parthasarthy. Inspired by
Swamiji's ideals' शिवेंद्र नागर  ji joined the Vedanta Academy in Lonavala, Being there full time,
following the strict discipline and rigorous schedule for 4 years, he imbibed the sublime
philosophy of Vedanta.
Then he was all set to share the message to his brothers and sisters world wide, his life has
become a living example of the tenet of Vedanta the body should be dynamic, the mind filled
with cheer.
A few of his recent talks are listed here:
* London School of Economics
* London School of Oriental & African
* Makari University Uganda
* United Nation Geneva
* Indian Oil.
Shivender Ji is also conducting regular Vedanta Classes in Delhi.
More information can be found on his web. Site

His direct contact is : 



J 1 Arya Co-Op Housing Society
Plot 8  Sector 15
Delhi 110085


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Thats good, your blog is cool, i like it. Thanks for the efforts my friend.

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Very descriptive blog, I enjoyed that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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