the biggest lie of last century, still running good. इस सदी का सबसे बड़ा झूट :

when i searched about darwin's theory on internet, i found following adjectives for it. : 


the best reasons were given in the following site with link :

why a wrong and absurd theory found its way in the so called scientific world !

i have gone into the reasons of that time.:

1. the western world was troubled by the church of that time, which has become the top illogical body.

2. the public / govt. needed some escape to do away with the undue authority of church of that time. and they found one way to come out from that.

3. the science was a new word in that time, and anything would go in the name of science at that time. 

4. the teaching and theory of the church was not much satisfieng at that time.  they did not answered many questions ( because all these relegions are faith based and not knowledge based, like vedic philosophy which is not a relegion in traditional meaning of relegion)

5. in india, we followed, with our closed eyes, whatever was accepted by our gora sahib and later by kala sahib. 

in my words: 
the most important reason to believe that god created this world is : 
1. this world is so perfect, that it can not be made by the random series of evolution and rejection.

2. how anybody will explain the beauty of a butterfly, a peacock. 

3. it is a child's joke to say that this beautiful and systemetic  world was made by a random big-bang. 

4. those people who are taking the name of science, should give at least one evidence, that a life form can be made by sudden lightening, or so called big bang. 

if you go by majority, then most of the world do not vote for darwin or a big bang. 

it is the so called scientific lobby, which is responsible for such a lie to be running like a truth.  

and i am astonished that such a lie can be taught in schools of western countries as a scientific fact. 

i like the following article as most near to the fact written from internet.

Top Ten Scientific Facts : Evolution is False and Impossible

Scientific Fact No. 1 - Birds Prove Natural Selection is Naturally Wrong 
Help! I can't fly. My head is too big, and my wings are too small. 

The idea of natural selection sounds great when considering deer. The deer that can sense danger the quickest and run the fastest are able to escape the predator on a more consistent basis. However, other examples on the evolutionary tree have many laughable flaws. One of the best is the thought that a bird began to evolve a wing. Why this would occur is not answered by evolutionists. The wing stub did not make the bird more adaptable in his environment. The wing was much too small for the bird to fly. Why would a bird evolve a wing that was useless? This is backwards from the evolutionary natural selection concept that birds adapt and change in order to survive better in their environment. The bird with a half-size wing is placed at a disadvantage in its environment. Why would the bird continue for millions of generations improving a wing that was useless? The theory of evolution is based on natural selection of the most adaptable member of a species. A bird with a useless wing is at a severe disadvantage and the opposite from natural selection. According to natural selection the members of the bird species with the smallest useless wing would be the most adaptable and most likely to survive in the largest numbers. According to the theory of natural selection birds could never evolve to fly. Evolution is simply nonsense. This is so funny. We are then led to believe that some birds got tired of carrying around a worthless half-size wing so they grew fingers on the end to help climb trees. The wings became arms and a new species was developed. Evolutionists actually believe this nonsense. 

Scientific Fact No. 2 - Species Without a Link Proves Evolution is Wrong 

The evolutionist will claim that the presence of many individual species proves evolution. This shallow statement is devoid of reason, logic and scientific proof. Evolutionists line up pictures of similar looking species and claim they evolved one to another. Humans are a great example. There are hundreds of species of extinct monkeys and apes. Petrified skulls and bones exist from these creatures. Evolutionists line up the most promising choices to present a gradual progression from monkey to modern man. They simply fill in the big gaps with make-believe creatures to fit the picture. This procedure can be done with humans only because there are many extinct monkey and ape species. They never do this with giraffes and elephants. These pictures are placed in all evolutionists' text books to teach kids this nonsense. The picture is simply a grouping of individual species that does not prove evolution. 

Scientific Fact No. 3 - Single Cell Complexity Proves Evolution is Wrong 

Scientists a century ago believed the smallest single living cell was a simple lifeform. The theory developed that perhaps lightning struck a pond of water causing several molecules to combine in a random way which by chance resulted in a living cell. The cell then divided and evolved into higher life forms. This view is now proven to be immature to the degree of being ridiculous. The most modern laboratory is unable to create a living cell. In fact, scientists have been unable to create a single left-hand protein molecule as found in all animals.

Scientific Fact No. 4 - Human Egg and Sperm Proves Evolution is Wrong 

The evolutionist ignores the problem surrounding the human female egg and the male sperm in the evolutionary theory. The female egg contains the X-chromosome and the male sperm contains either an X-chromosome for the reproduction of a male or a Y-chromosome for the reproduction of a female. The female eggs all develop within the ovaries while she is a baby (fetus) within her mother's womb. Evolutionists claim environmental factors cause small changes in the offspring in the evolutionary chain. However, the environmental experience of the female cannot change the chromosomes within her eggs and cannot have any effect upon her offspring. Her body cannot go into the eggs contained within her ovaries at her birth to make an intelligent change. Females cannot be a part of the evolutionary theory for these reasons. 

Scientific Fact No. 5 - DNA Error Checking Proves Evolution is Wrong 


The scientific fact that DNA replication includes a built-in error checking method and a DNA repair process proves the evolutionary theory is wrong. The fact is that any attempt by the DNA to change is stopped and reversed. 

Scientific Fact No. 6 - Chaos From Organization Proves Evolution is Wrong 

The second law of thermodynamics proves that organization cannot flow from chaos. Complex live organisms cannot rearrange themselves into an organism of a higher form as claimed by evolutionists. This is scientifically backwards according to the second law of thermodynamics that has never been proven wrong. Scientists cannot have it both ways. The second law of thermodynamics is proven to be correct. Evolution lacks any scientific proof. Evolution is simply an empty theory. 

Scientific Fact No. 7 - Chromosome Count Proves Evolution is Wrong 

There is no scientific evidence that a species can change the number of chromosomes within the DNA. The chromosome count within each species is fixed. This is the reason a male from one species cannot mate successfully with a female of another species. Man could not evolve from a monkey. Each species is locked into its chromosome count that cannot change. If an animal developed an extra chromosome or lost a chromosome because of some deformity, it could not successfully mate. The defect could not be passed along to the next generation. Evolving a new species is scientifically impossible. Evolutionists prove that getting a college education does not impart wisdom. 

Scientific Fact No. 8 - Origin of Matter and Stars Proves Evolution is Wrong 

Evolutionists just throw up their hands at the question of the origin of matter because they know something cannot evolve from nothing. They stick their heads in the sand and ignore the problem. The fact that matter exists in outrageously large quantities simply proves evolution is wrong. The "Big Bang" theory doesn't solve the problem either. Matter and energy have to come from somewhere. 

Scientific Fact No. 9 - Lack of Life on Mars Proves Evolution is Wrong 

Two NASA two land rovers named Spirit and Opportunity explored Mars during 2004. The topography shows obvious signs of past liquid rivers flowing in numerous places. The rovers have proven that water was once abundant on the surface of Mars, but they have not been able to find any signs of life or any signs of past life on the planet. Mars has a proven history of flowing water on the surface and an atmosphere suitable to support life forms. The planet has had all of the conditions necessary to provide the "spark" of life according to the evolutionary theory, yet there is no life on Mars. The river beds and river banks show no signs of vegetation or trees. The ground has no fossils and no organisms. The place is absolutely sterile.

Scientific Fact No. 10 - Radio Silence from Space Proves Evolution is Wrong 

Mars is not the only place that shows no signs of life. The entire universe lacks any sign of life. There are no radio signals that can be related to intelligent life forms. None of the billions of galaxies has been found to emit any intelligent radio signals. Scientists have been pointing every type of radio telescope possible into space for several decades in hopes of finding an intelligent signal. No signs of life beyond Earth have been found. We are alone. 

Top Ten Scientific Facts Proving Evolution is False and Impossible 


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