i am in dubai again, april, 2012

by the script of krishna, i am once more in dubai, first visit of this year.

i thought of sharing it with my friends. any body planning ! pl ask me. dubai is my work place from last 30 years. 

nice place for business, nice place to enjoy.

waiting at delhi airport

trying honesty to look for a "N" for my  daughter  neha  to whom  i promised  to bring one  , but could not find.

at burjman mall

road side dubai , skyscrappers in background

in front of jeweely shop

resting on a road side park

my actual work place in dubai

board saying the office of the king

in desert safari 

with my local business associate mr waseem

with waseem and manish

with a local arab
i am waiting for my turn to hold the falcon at desert safari

ta ta bye bye

hello ! here i come back

flag of dubai

trying my hand over the camera taken from my daughter neha

the horse dance

and the famous belly dance

road side juice centre, why we do not learn from them

inside dubai mall

a large aquarium in dubai mall

a water fall in dubai mall

in front of the tallest building al burj
from the hotel window

sure this is my hummer

i met one chinese wholeseller jackey, wanted to come to delhi, india

this kind of thali is common in dubai

a brazil tourist enjoying the arabic dress

the hotel i was living in

plane fly too down to the hotel

mr vivek invited us to a restaurant armani in the tallest building of the world, chirag , my  business associate is in  the centre.

ice-rink in the hayat hotel, where i was staying

i met sh mukesh parashar after 16 years , by god's planning in dubai,  mr sharma  on my left.

hayaat in night

famous burj khalifa hote on jummhera beach in dubai.

both india and pakistan claim the kashmir, that is why , the restaurant has both the flags on it.
i hope more photos will follow on this page. 

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thanks you, 
jai shree krishna 

ashok gupta