getting old and the solution : बूढ़े होना , और उसका उपाय


only this morning i was very much moved that , i am getting old, and i wasted you previous years in running for the dreams of the furture and not enjoying the present, and i was a lot disturbed to the point that i had to forcibly push my mind to some other subjict, as my doctor has recommended me, after i had panic attack in usa in 2001.

और देखिये भगवान कि कृपा कि ये presentation जो कि मेरे एक पुराने मित्र ने भेजा , मिला,

इसने मेरी सारी परेशानियों का हल दे दिया ;  ये prensentation मेरे सब मित्रों के लिए यह उपलब्ध है  : 

शायद आपको भी ये अच्छा लगे . इस आशा में :
आपका दासानुदास
अशोक गुप्ता 

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