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Humour in politics
IT is, of course, never seemly for a columnist to say, "I told you so". But I trust regular readers will recall my assertion in a May column that, as far as political humour is concerned, our national cupboard is bare. The Indian nationalist leaders and the politicians who followed them were in general, I suggested, a pretty humourless lot. Arguing that from what we know of them, our politicians have less reason than most to take themselves seriously, I conceded that "perhaps it is I who am uninformed; maybe there are examples of great Indian political humour that I have overlooked. If so, I would be happy to be enlightened. Readers are welcome to send me examples, care of this newspaper."
The response - a dozen letters and postcards, half a dozen emails - can hardly be described as overwhelming, but since I had offered to reproduce the best ones in a future column, I am glad to keep faith with the readers who have written in and do just that today. But I must warn you that I am obliged to conclude that my basic thesis still stands.
Dr. K.E. Eapen of Bangalore recalls that former Prime Minister V. P. Singh once entered Parliament without his usual fur cap (no doubt during the brief period when Maneka Gandhi had persuaded him that it symbolised cruelty to animals). Questioned about this by an opposition member, the former PM shot back, "what is important is not the cap but what is under it."
Dr. Eapen also recalls V. K. Krishna Menon's riposte when upbraided for his Ambassadorial Rolls-Royce in London: "I can scarcely hire a bullock-cart to call on 10 Downing Street." The sharp-tongued Krishna Menon is a particular favourite of Malayali readers. Advocate P.S. Leelakrishnan of Quilandy in Kerala reminds me of Menon's cutting comment when American arms aid to Pakistan was described as not being directed at India: "I am yet to come across a vegetarian tiger."
Speaking of Krishna Menon, my late father, Chandran Tharoor, who knew him well in London, often used to recall the acerbic nationalist's retort when complimented by a well-meaning Englishwoman on the quality of his English. "My English, Madam," he said to the hapless lady, Brigid Brophy, "is better than yours. You merely picked it up: I learned it."
Getting back to Parliamentary humour, V. Ramachandran of Kancheepuram offers a line whose author he cannot recall. During a debate on the Indian automobile industry, an Opposition member declared, "The only part of an Indian car which does not make a noise is the horn." Full marks for wit but not, I believe (given the deafening klaxons that were always an integral part of Indian traffic jams) for accuracy.
Mr. Leelakrishnan also justly upbraids me for omitting Sarojini Naidu from my earlier column. Her classic comment about the Mahtama's frugal lifestyle and his army of aides - "if only he knew how much it costs us to keep him in poverty" - is of course one of the great one-liners of the nationalist movement. Mr. Leelakrishnan also ascribes to her a crack about Sardar Patel: "the only culture he knows is agriculture". I had heard the line before, but was unaware it had been spoken in a political context, nor indeed that the Sardar was its intended victim.
In my column, I had asked for the Indian equivalents of the great political wisecracks of other democracies, recalling some instances of the savagely cutting humour that punctuates the British parliamentary tradition. Again it is Mr. Leelakrishnan who offers me the only example worth citing.
When Panampilly Govinda Menon was Chief Minister of Travancore- Cochin (the forerunner of Kerala State) in the early 1950s, he pointed to the Chief Minister's chair in the Assembly and told the ambitious leader of the Opposition, T. V. Thomas: "for you to sit in this chair you will have to be reborn as a bug".
To the remaining readers who have written in, my thanks but (as Groucho Marx used to say) no cigar. What is funny is, of course, a subjective matter, but V.R. Krishna Iyer calling Pattom Thanu Pillai in 1957 "the dying Fuhrer of a sinking party" is mere invective, not humour. As perhaps the last surviving fan of the Swatantra party, I regret to say that I did not find funny the great Rajaji's declaration - also cited by a reader - that the only difference between China and Russia was about whether to eat the rest of the world as chutney or as sambar.
In the interests of fairness, I should also confess a couple of my own omissions. In expressing my admiration for the extraordinary intellect of Jawaharlal Nehru, I had written: "but dig deep into his writings and speeches and you would be hard pressed to come up with a good joke". Jokes there may not be, but Panditji uttered one classic epigram that I should certainly not have overlooked. Reacting with undisguised culture-shock to his discovery of America after a trip there in 1949, Nehru said: "one should never visit America for the first time". I may also have been unduly dismissive of Indira Gandhi in finding only one witty line to quote from her entire career. Recent events in Agra reminded me of another, her answer to an American journalist in 1971 about why she had refused to meet with Pakistan's General Yahya Khan: "you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist". Both these remarks have the merit of provoking thought beyond the immediate reaction to their cleverness.
But neither, alas, was typical. In his shoddy "Reminiscences of the Nehru Age," the former secretary to our first Prime Minister, M.O. Mathai, cited only one remark of either father or daughter that he found witty. When Nehru and Indira expressed astonishment that Mathai had slept so soundly after the death of his mother, he apparently replied, "that shows I have a clear conscience". To which Indira retorted, "it can also mean that you have none". Sharp enough, but hardly an example of great wit.
If this is the best that the diligent readers of The Hindu can come up with, I rest my case: as far as political humour goes, our national cupboard is indeed bare. I am afraid I told you so.
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Know your Rulers- Sonia Gandhi

A Visit to Sonia Gandhi's Birth Place By Aravind G 06/02/2003 At 13:47
Yes, I am speaking here of Sonia Maino, the alien, non-Hindu widow of the late Rajiv Roberto Gandhi, hell bent to destroy India's culture, religion and its people. A Visit to Orbassano, Sonia's Birth Place It has been a great tragedy that for the last several centuries our people have been kept in the dark about the true identity of our rulers. I am not speaking here of our common people who, in great measure, have been denied education and literacy, induced to lay down their lives in battles, almost like mercenaries; I am speaking here of our so called educated men who are more eager to know about lesbianism, an Islamic phenomenon, born in harems, than about the antecedents of their own foreign-born rulers.
The thing has deteriorated so much that the entire country happily romps around today, with a foreign born woman of unknown pedigree. Yes, I am speaking here of Sonia Maino, the alien, non-Hindu widow of the late Rajiv Roberto Gandhi, hell bent to destroy India's culture, religion and its people. Did you notice that we are never told about the roots of Sonia, her background, her family, how many brothers and sisters she has, the name of her father, his profession, which town or village she comes from, in small little things that familiarize the people with the self-appointed ruler by virtue of an accidental wedding abroad?

In India, we are not told the name of Rajiv's paternal grandfather or how did the universal uncle Jawahar Lal died or wherefrom did the adjunct 'Nehru' come from! Moti Lal's father's name was Ganga Dhar; why then Moti Lal was not named Moti Lal Dhar? And so on and so forth; we have a great deal of unknowns to discover and be familiar with. I therefore set out to discover myself the small village where Sonia hails from. After some inquiries, I discovered that Sonia was born some 52 years ago in the small village called Orbassano, just outside Turin (called Torino in Italian), in the north of the country, at the foothills of the Alps.)" " The next night I invited the two Italian getlemen to dine with me.

I asked them what they knew about the love affair between Rajiv (il presidente indiano), a Mohammedan boy and Sonia, a thoroughbred 'cattolica' of Orbassano. Didn't her father have anything to say to this inter-faith marriage? I was told that Sonia's father, a simple man named Stephano Maino, used to be a staunch fascist (never mind Sonia's leftist stance today) and supporter of Benito Mussolini, the dictator of Italy then. Stephano was an upcoming party-man at the time. He was among those hoodlums who used to round up leftists and force feed them with bottles of castor oil. This was common at the time, all over Italy. The men would vomit and foul their pants, would be ridiculed in public and punished by long jail sentences so that their will could be broken. And in due course Stephano rose in ranks and eventually was sent to the eastern front to fight the Russians. He was captured and had to pass many months in Russian prison camps where he, for the first time came in touch with Russian women jail-keepers with names like Sonia and Marouchka. It was after his return from the front, after the war was over, that Stephano returned home in Orbassano and sired the two daughters, whom he named with Russian names, Sonia and Marouchka.

He became a contractor of some sort and no longer a party-man; there was no party then! On the subject of the inter-religious marriage with Rajiv, the 'indiano', I was told that Stephano was too angry at first to give his blessing to the marriage. At the beginning, Rajiv denied his Islamic roots and blabbered something on his being a Parsee. He explained how the Parsees in India are very liberal. He cited the names of Ratan Tata and several others, even of those who had married French Catholic ladies without giving up their Parsee faith. The implication was that by virtue of the fact that Rajiv's father Feroz's mother used to be a Parsee woman (and that was prior to her niakaah), Rajiv too could marry Sonia sans relinquishing his Mohammedan creed. The problem that the nitwit Rajiv did not think about is that a man's faith is NOT determined by the religion of the mother and even more so when she changes her creed, just prior to wedding as Feroz's mother had done; she had become a Mohammedan woman at the time of her nikaah with the Sunni Mohammedan Nawab Khan. If Feroz is a Parsee then Pataudi and Ayesha Sultana's (aka Sharmila Tagore) son Seif Ali (the sword of Ali) is also a Hindu. However, Stephano was smart enough to call the bluff of Rajiv, who never has been known to be intelligent. From the BCCI, Bofors and the submarine deals, he has dropped the load everywhere to great dismay of his supporters. (Those who want to know further, please read up M.O. Mathai's books My Days With Nehru and Reminiscences of the Nehru Age, if you can at all procure them today.

There M.O. Mathai (Nehru's P.A. for more than a decade) tells us of Nehru's chicanery fooling the Hindus of India when he announced the Vedic marriage between Feroz and Indira. According to Mathai, that was no marriage at all; such inter-faith weddings between Hindus and Mohammedans were illegal and hence, writes Mathai. Indira's two sons were bastards. India has thus been ruled for so many years by a dynasty of bastards!) But the old fashioned Stephano was not ready to listen to Rajiv's arguments. He said that in order to marry his daughter, Rajiv would have to accept Catholicism and become one. Stephano Maino may not be a Cambridge graduate (but then neither was Rajiv, inspite of all the brouhaha), he did not approve of an inter-faith wedding where his own daughter was a party. And behold, Rajiv became a Catholic. Now, readers! Please remember by this simple act that took place in far away and unknown Orbassano, Rajiv, the grandson of Nawab Khan, the Sunni liquor merchant, became punishable by death! Apostasy is punishable by death in Islam. Measures were taken to keep this information on Rajiv's change of faith quiet. India's Mohammedans did not make much noise for the ante was too high. Sonia came to India as Rajiv's wife, with her father's blessings, but as an Italian Catholic citizen which she remained for decades. She was no burden to her husband. She dabbled in insurance business. Who in India would not run to an insurance agent like Sonia? She was making bags of money in our poor India until the matter was brought to light and such activities were stopped forthwith.

Then Rajiv, still an Indian husband of an Italian wife, willy nilly went on with his air plane second pilot's job until the time came to take over from her assassinated mother. A share of the sins from subsequent mass slaughter of India's Sikhs bothered Sonia and her advisors (like Mani Shankar Liars et al) suggested garlanding of Bhagat Singh's pictures in public for an eventual redemption. However, that did not work as we all know. No doubt this ragazza (girl, in Italian) has come a long way. She had to become an Indian citizen to enable her husband to become the Prime Minister. We know the subsequent incidents and anecdotes. How the wily Sonia was instrumental in the Pope's arrival in India after the eye-wash of a fictitious 'Ganga-cleaning', which remained unclean even after the Pope had left for the Vatican! It was then that the Catholic couple (they had not done so all these years!) started visiting Hindu temples with vermilion-smeared foreheads, in saris and dhoties. Sonia was made the life-time chair-person of the million-dollar Rajiv Gandhi Fund. Money was coming in like it was no body's business. From the BCCI, from the Bofors deal, the submarine deal, while Catholic convents were being built with India's money, some 500 of them, to vie with Mother Teresa.

It was at this time of the post-Rajiv period, this young woman went to Japan (please look up the Soka Gakkai International edition of that year) where she lectured that in the matter of divinity both Gandhi and Nehru were of the same level as the Lord Gautama Buddha. At one stroke, the entire Japanese nation was red in anger. And this is the person who in her big expensive book on the late Rajiv, prepared by a hack-writer under the guidance of Sonia, had stated that her knowledge of India was very limited when she first met Rajiv at that Italian eatery in the back streets of Cambridge. Then she knew India to be only a land of snakes and tigers. She had never heard of Gautama Buddha or of Hinduism or even of Islam! The lady has well-paid and competent teachers. Money has always been abundant; even after she had transferred all those millions of dollars from India to London (one would like to know under which law this could be done and by whose orders?) and after the Baring Bank (where she had deposited all the Rajiv Gandhi Fund money) had turned turtle, one wonders who gave permission to replenish all that lost money in full? Now she has become a past mistress in chicanery, Sicilian style.

Christian Bhil boys rape Christian Bhil women and Hindu boys get the blame for having raped Christian nuns. The false news is broadcast all over the Christian world and our wide-eyed BJP babes-in-the-wood cannot even protest! In faltering Hindi she reads to Hindu listeners that 'the soil of India is as pure to her as the vermilion of her forehead'; that 'she would like to breathe her last only in this land of virtue' and so on and then abruptly turns round, and like an ill-bred street woman starts calling respectable Indian leaders like Vajpayee, 'a liar'! (Afterword: Readers! We have not heard the last of this babe.

Unless our Gods take care of such insult of our ancient nation by this broad, who also is a fraud, like they had done with the entire Gandhi-Nehru dynasty within the span of a few years, she is going to be a nuisance and our people would have to suffer! Time has come for our people to take notice and to watch every movement of the signora, and NOT leave our affairs totally in the hands of incompetent leaders! She has already dubbed Vajpayee a liar; wait till she comes up with choice Italian swear words for us too! )

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i am Hindu by accident (the prime Minister or the Great India for 18 years)


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Am Hindu By Accident ( because accidently my mother slept with a hindu) --- Jawahar Lal Nehru

(Nehru : The Prime Minister of Bharat Mahan, for 18 years, her daughter ruled for another 18 years, her family is still ruling the bharat Mahan. Long live Hindu’s.)

Without shame to the Hindu’s , the Hindu saints , Hindu Politicians, and Hindu Intelligentsia.
On 14th November each year, we celebrate Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. We think (as we are taught in school) he was a simple and cheerful leader, a person who had a childlike nature, a great politician.But what is the unknown side of our first Prime Minister? An Addict or an Entertainer or a Hindu merely by accident (in his own words)?* Nehru gave birth to the problem of Kashmir & China.* Nehru had illegal relationships.* Nehru hated ‘Vande Mataram’.* Nehru was ready with a sword to oppose Subhash Chandra Bose!Pandit (?) Jawaharlal NehruChacha Nehru… Smoking with Edwina Mountbatten. ..And Nehru’s Birthday is Childrens’ day!The First Prime Minister of Bharat, Jawaharlal Nehru smoking with Lady Mountbatten! An addict like Nehru is not an ideal for the children in any way, yet we celebrate his birthday as ‘Childrens’ Day’! Projection of such a personality by the Congress calls for a Revolution!It would be appropriate to celebrate Childrens’ Day in the name of Maharshi Kashyap who has written Holy texts on Health, based on Ayurveda.Tell your friendsNehru’s ‘love’ for Edwina Mountbatten ruined Nation! - Exposed by Edwina’s daughterLord Mountbatten “used” his wife Edwina, who shared a “deep emotional love” with Jawaharlal Nehru, to influence India’s first Prime Minister to refer the Kashmir issue to the United Nations, according to the last Viceroy’s daughter, Pamela.“That is true and he did use her like that. But he certainly wasn’t going to throw her, he didn’t say to her go become the Prime Minister’s lover because I need you to intercede. It was a by-product of this deep affection,” Lady Pamela Hicks said in an interview to Karan Thapar in his programme ‘Devil’s Advocate’ to be aired on CNN-IBN.Hicks, who has recounted the relationship between Nehru and her mother in the book India Remembered: A Personal Account of the Mountbattens During the Transfer of Power , said it was possible that Edwina’s influence played a role in Nehru’s decision to refer Kashmir to the UN.Source: Indian Express , CNN-IBNNehru’s illegal relationships exposed by his secretaryM. O. Mathai (a longtime private secretary of Nehru) believed, Nehru fathered a son by a woman called Sharda Mata (assumed name) who gave birth to the child in a convent in Bangalore. “I made discreet enquiries repeatedly,” writes Mathai, “about the boy but failed to get a clue of his whereabouts. ” Continues Mathai: “Had I succeeded in locating the boy, I would have adopted him. He must have grown up as a Catholic Christian blissfully ignorant of who his father was.”Source: ‘Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’ by M. O. Mathai(This book is banned by Congress Government)I am Hindu… by accident - Jawaharlal NehruTo talk of Hindu culture would injure India’s interests. By education I am an Englishman, by views an internationalist, by culture a Muslim, and I am a Hindu only by accident of birth. The ideology of Hindu Dharma is completely out of tune with the present times and if it took root in India, it would smash the country to pieces. - Prime Minister Jawaharlal NehruRef: Violation of Hindu HR - Need for a Hindu nation - III, by V Sundaram (Retd. IAS Officer)(This is the reason for referring Nehru as Mr. Nehru instead of Pandit Nehru. - Editor)Read highlights of true but ‘covered’ history of NehruHindu by AccidentMuslim by HeartContribution to Indian Freedom: Problems of Kashmir and ChinaAim of this seriesNehru’s term as Hindu majority Nation’s first Prime Minister is full of failures and Himalayan blunders. ‘Appeasing Muslims and injustice to Hindus’, was the essence of Gandhi-Nehru’ s secularist philosophy. After Independence, Nehru committed the heinous crime of combining secularism with Western Culture. These ethics and line of thinking of Nehru is Nehruism! To a large extent, today’s writers and so-called intellectuals promote this Nehruism. These so called intellectuals turn a blind eye to the colossal errors in judgement committed by Nehru before independence, after independence, in his personal life and the compromising of the Nation’s security for personal gains. The objective of this article is to make the blind ‘Nehru lovers’ see how supporting Nehruism is leading the Nation to destruction.Jawaharlal Nehru: Hindu by Accident“I do not fear the Hindu Organisations. RSS and Hindu Mahasabha cannot harm me. If there is some danger, it is from Hindu protagonists in Congress”. - NehruRef: ‘Saptahik Sanatan Chintan’, 6th Sept. 2007, Issue 30Nehru put Saints behind bars !After Independence, the great Vedic scholar of Kashi, Pujya Dravidshastri and H.H. Karapatraji said to Nehru and Patel, “We will study the Ramayan, Mahabharat and Chanakyaniti and write the Constitution of the country. Our names need not appear as authors; ascribe the Constitution to anybody. Our Nation will prosper over time with such a Constitution. ” They had a lengthy correspondence on this. I have read the correspondence. But Nehru was not one to listen. H.H. Karpatraji Maharaj had also advised Nehru before the creation of Pakistan, but instead of paying heed, Nehru put him behind bars.. Later Nehru regretted his mistake and released Maharaj. - H.H. Kane Maharaj, Narayangaon.(Nehru’s descendants are propagating his legacy, by arresting Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Kanchi Kamkoti Peeth! - Editor)Criticising Hindus just to prove his own nationalist credentials!During partition, it was Nehru’s favourite allegation that Hindu leaders wanted to create a Hindu rule. He thought that unless he criticised Hindus, his nationalist credentials could not be proved. The Rashtriya Swayam sevak Sangh was infuriated by this allegation. The RSS leaders said, “We have no objection if Muslims are given justice, help and shelter; But what is the need to criticise Hindu Organizations in such venomous terms?” (From: ‘Pathik’, Autobiography of Late Kakasaheb Gadgil)Nehru’s spirituality: His holy places and true holy placesPandit Nehru declared Bhakra-Nangal dam as a ‘holy place of modern India’. People thronged there for the sake of picnic. But within 30 years, the dam has become unusable due to deposit of silt it gathered over the years. The tourists also shy away from the dam. On the contrary the true holy places of Hindus are still vibrating with activity from time immemorial. Lakhs and lakhs of pilgrims are visiting them eras after eras. - H.H. Dr. Jayant AthavaleNehru tried to destroy Sanatan Hindu Dharma and culture!“Nehru was the only Dictator in our country. He declared that his heart would get filled with anger when he looked at Sanatan Hindu Dharma and culture. He tried to destroy Hindu Dharma and culture from their very roots. He brought into existence a secular socialist-democrati c Constitution and Government.” - Gurudev Dr. Kateswami (Ghangarjit, May 2007)The so-called harbinger of Bharat’s destiny and the uncrowned Emperor of Bharat, Nehru often made very irresponsible speeches by pumping his fists in the air, while unleashing hate campaigns against Sanatan Hindu Dharma. In his autobiography he wrote, ”The spectacle of what is called religion, at any rate organised religion in India has filled me with horror, I have frequently condemned it, I would like to make a clean sweep of it. I want to completely destroy this religion and culture. It stands for blind faith, dogmas, bigotry, superstitions, exploitation of the masses and preservation of vested interests.” Anyone with common sense would not utter such reckless words ! - Gurudev Dr. Kateswami (Weekly Sanatan Chintan, 26th April 2007, Issue 13)“Nehru deserves to be punished in hell till the end of Kaliyuga for his great sin of destroying manuscripts, scriptures and books that depicted Hindu progress and affluence !Next only to God, the King of Kings, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had complete control over Bharat decided to establish a world-class University in Delhi on the lines of Harvard, Oxford Universities and spent crores of Rupees on the task. Thereafter, as a part of building of a new nation, (he called it ‘Nation in Making’) without any ancient or medieval history, he established a history department in the Jawaharlal Nehru University. He appealed to the people to send in all the ancient manuscripts, scriptures and books in their possession. Accordingly, the University received a large treasure of these. Nehru destroyed all manuscripts, scriptures that depicted progress and opulence of Hindus.” - Gurudev Dr. Kateswami (Weekly Sanatan Chintan, 23rd August 2007, Issue 27)Nehru government branded Hindu leaders as ‘villains’ while trying to make them accept Muslim leaders as nationalist leaders !“A history department was established in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). All the members of the Committee including the Chairman (Mr. Habib) were Marxist in their philosophy. A new history of Hindu culture was written by using the western parameters, which often depicted Hindu culture and history as the worst. Writing on the historians of Marxist colour of JNU, Sri Sitaram Goyal says, “Systematic distortion of Bharat’s history was undertaken by the Stalinist historians of the JNU from their power positions in the Nehruvian stablishment. They insisted that Islamic heroes be accepted as national heroes, while they were converting Hindu heroes into villains” (Ref: How I became a Hindu, Pg. 93). The Marxist histo-rians wrote, “Mohammed Ghori, Mohammed Ghazni, Aurangazeb and many other Muslims aggressors and emperors came to Bharat for upliftment of the lowest rung of the Hindu society. Ghazni destroyed the Somnath temple, Krishna temple in Mathura and lakhs of other temples.He seized the huge wealth of priests of the temples and distributed it amongst the poor from the lowest rung of the society. Shivaji Maharaj, Guru Gobind Singh, Ranjit Singh were all dacoits and rebels.” - Gurudev Dr. Kateswami (in Weekly Sanatan Chintan, 23rd August 2007, Issue 27)Muslim Chief minister of KashmirIn the period post-independence, Nehru was to take a decision on Kashmir. Sardar Patel repeatedly advised Nehru not to make a Muslim the Chief Minister of Kashmir and not to hand over power to Muslims. But Nehru did not budge and Shaikh Abdullah became the Chief Minister of Kashmir. Prime Ministers who have no love for Hindutva have kept alive the tradition of appeasing Muslims with vigour and thus harmed the country. (It is a great tragedy for the country that the first Prime Minister of the country caused great harm to the country! - Editor)Hatred of ‘Vande Mataram’Nehru with Maulana Azad‘There was in fact no need for any discussion on what should be our national anthem; The weakness with which the Congress derided ‘Vande Mataram’ in 1937 came into play in future also when Pandit Nehru pulled down this song of revolution from the pedestal of national anthem. From 1937 when the Congress council of ministers took over the reigns in provincial states, a strange equation was created in the minds of the people that ‘Congress means government’. Pandit Nehru enjoyed unrestrained power like an independent emperor by cleverly adhereing to all the techniques of democracy.(The Russian leader Mr. Khruschev even awarded him a title of ‘Democratic Dictator’!) The situation at least upto Nehru’s rule was ‘what Congress said was law and what Pundit Nehru said was Congress’. These twosomes were responsible to commit the national sin of depriving the song ‘Vande Mataram’ of its lawful place as a national anthem. The song became the victim of Nehru’spolicies on a false ground of music. There are innumerable evidences to prove that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had decided since long that ‘Vande Mataram’ should not be made national anthem.’ (’Vande Mataram Itihas Katha’, Author : Shri Amarendra Gadgil).Himalayan blunders of Prime Minister NehruIndians, don’t be foolish enough to call this a martyrdom !The Congress is trying to give a status of martyrs to the Nehru family; But it is a known fact that there were a number of persons who had sacrificed more than Nehru for the sake of the country and played an important role in achieving independence for the country. But today no one knows their names. While in prison, Nehru was given status of ‘A’ class prisoner. He was given all kinds of facilities.Later he became prime minister due to the blessings of Mahatma Gandhi and he ruled the country single-handedly.Nehru’s gift to India: Problems of Kashmir and ChinaIt was the misfortune of India that one by one all the nationalist leaders disappeared behind the curtain of time and Pandit Nehru could establish himself as a hero in the heart of gullible people of India through various means. What what did Indian people get? All that they got from Nehru was two major problems - the problem of Kashmir and the headache of China that took lives of thousands of sons of Bharatmata. Downfall of national ethics, corruption at all the levels of the society and administration, and ruin of national pride are some of the gifts Nehru gave to India.Pandit Nehru declaring ’secular socialist system of governance’ stubbornly and without caring for anyone or anything; but the country being saved due to visionaries like Shri Ramswarup : ‘Indepenence was achieved. Pandit Nehru declared ’secular socialist system of governancne’ stubbornly and without caring for anyone or anything. He also prepared various schemes to achieve the goal. There was not a single week in Nehru’s rule when a delegation of representatives of Russia or China did not visit India. On the lines of the policies of Russia and China, various schemes for India’s developments started taking shapes.
Stategy Against Netaji Subhash Chandra BoseNehru was ready with a sword to oppose Subhash Chandra Bose !‘Bose set out for Germany and Japan with a view to garnering help from outside to gain independence for India. The Second World War was at its peak. He intended to bring into India soldiers from outside and achieve independence. Nehru said, “If Suhash sets his foot in the soil of India along with soldiers from outside, I shall be the first to oppose him with a sword in hand.” (Daily Sanatan Prabhat 22-1-2007, page 2)Nehru adopted a smart war strategy in respect of Subhash Chandra Bose. ‘Nehru had realized that if the strong nationalist leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose arrived in India, it would prove costly for his unbridled leadership. He therefore entered into a secret pact with Lord Mountbatten that if Subhas Chandra Bose arrived in India, he would hand him over to the British as a war prisoner.’ - Principal Subhash Welingkar, State organizer, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Panaji, Goa.Nehru’s helplessness in tolerating Pakistan’s refusal to allow immersion of Gandhi’s ashes of GandhiWhen Shri Prakash informed Pakistan’s decision not to allow immersion of Gandhi’s ashes in river Sindhu, Nehru meekly endured the fiasco.(Reference : Marathi book ‘Phashi aani Nathuram Godse’ by Shri Gopal Godse)It was necessary to term the audacity of Pakistan as our national insult. Indian leaders should have vowed ‘to crush Pakistan’s arrogance to dust and take over the river Sindhu’. But it was not done.Nehru made Hindi an object of ridicule and promoted EnglishAs a part of total revolution, Savarkar vigorously pushed for a purification of languages during British rule and did not allow the tradition started by Chatrapati Shivaji to break. But the break came only after Bharatiya Independence! Nehru flatly refused to allow Hindi to replace English in administrative affairs of the Government. The President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, suggested to Nehru that he should speak in Hindi with visiting foreign dignitaries and use an interpreter. Nehru ridiculed the suggestion. The Congress culture ruled Bharat for 50 years; Islam and the language English were accorded expansive and profound honour and Hinduism and Bharatiya languages were relegated to a secondary status. This is the only dubious achievement of leaders of the Congress culture.- Mr. Arvind V Kulkarni, Senior Journalist, in ‘Purushartha’ , March 2006.Time to think and face the reality….
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JAWAHARLAL NEHRU’S ANCESTORS/////////////// Father of Moti Lal Nehru; The Story of Gangadhar/////////////// This is the true story of Ganga Dhar (not Ganga Dhar Nehru), father of Moti Lal Nehru. The adjunct 'Nehru' derived from the Persian word 'Nahr' meaning a canal or nullah, was adopted by Moti Lal, who, like all members of his family, had a fascination for alien Mohammedan names mostly in Arabic or Persian. The adjunct 'Nehru' added a Persian flavor to his otherwise Hindu name. That was very desirable for the family, as will be explained later. Otherwise, under normal circumstances, his name would have been Moti Lal Dhar.//////////////// The adjoining picture of Ganga Dhar was obtained from Robert Hardy Andrews' book titled A LAMP FOR INDIA - The Story of Madame Pandit (meaning Jawahar's first sister Vijay Lakshmi, alias Nan.) That book was first published by Prentice-Hall in 1967, a long time after the division of the country. But the fact on the scion of the dynasty, namely Ganga Dhar, had been kept a secret from the Indian public, primarily, the Hindus.//////////////// It is now quite clear, as you will soon see, that Ganga Dhar was an assumed name. The man we now know as the paternal grandfather of Jawahar Lal (son of Moti Lal) was in reality a sunni Mohammedan; in fact he was a Mogul nobleman. The important question is why did he then adopt a Hindu kafir's name? In this case a Kashmiri Brahmin's name?//////////////// The reason has been explained in our previous article titled More on the Nehru Dynasty on our web-site not too long ago. The accompanying picture featured was the same one that Jawahar Lal had referred to when he wrote in his autobigraphy that he had seen a picture of his grandfather Ganga Dhar which protrayed him as a Mogul nobleman. Krishna Hutheesing (Jawahar's second sister) had also mentioned in her memoirs, that their grandfather Ganga Dhar was the city Kotwal of Delhi (an important post) prior to 1857's uprising. Bahadur Shah Zafar was still the sultan of Delhi. It was extremely unlikely that he would hire a Hindu for that very important post. ///////////////// Apparently, some investigations had been made on this count (please see Mahdi Husain's Bahadur Shah II and the war of 1857 in Delhi - 1987 edition) but no one could discover Ganga Dhar's name as the Kotwal of Delhi. Well, how could they? Ganga Dhar's real name then was Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (or something like that) which had been quietly changed to his new Hindu name, just before the English forces entered the city. The sultan had replaced the earlier Kotwal as well as the City Governor Mirza Maniruddin. The latter had been dismissed by Bahadur Shah Zafar on charges of spying for the English. The Naib Kotwal, a subordinate officer, was a Hindu; his name was Bhao Singh. And another Hindu, one Sri Kashinath was the thanedar of the Lahori Gate area of Delhi. Their names were found in the records but Ganga Dhar was missing. Be that as it may, the fact remains that Ganga Dhar indeed was the grandfather of Jawahar and Krishna Hutheesingh. //////////////// And how did he look like? Ganga Dhar had a thick beard which would put even Pakistani president Tarar's beard to shame! Ganga Dhar's thick moustache extended beyond his ears. He used to wear a Mogul cap and had in his both hands a long sword. Does that look like a Kashmiri Brahmin? No, not at all!/////////////////// The Muslim Grandfather of Jawaharlal Nehru /////////////////// Ghiyasuddin Ghazi (the word means 'kafir-killer') looked exactly like a sunni Mogul. Don't they say: 'If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well, then it IS a duck.' The same was the case with Ganga Dhar, the Kashmiri Brahmin alias Ghiyasuddin Ghazi the sunni Mogul. Only this vital information had been kept a secret from the Hindus of India, like so many other secrets of the family! /////////////////// Our readers! If you can, please read up all references made in the memoirs of Jawahar Lal and Krishna Hutheesingh on Ganga Dhar. True to the last whisker, the picture portrayed on our web-site, does represent a Mogul nobleman, so proudly mentioned by both the brother and the sister. The element of secrecy crept in when it became clear that the Nehrus' Mogul ancestry, if made known to India's Hindu public, might spell trouble for the forthcoming 'reign'. The 'Hindu by accident' got wise to the fact and acted as if he was indeed, son of a Kshmiri Brahmin, Moti Lal Nehru by name. ///////////////// Now, why was it at all necessary for Ghiyasuddin Ghazi to change his name to Ganga Dhar? Dhar is a well-known Kashmiri Hindu surname. Many of these 'Dhars' were forced converted into Islam; their names were then changed to 'Dar' just to distance themselves from the Hindu 'Dhar'. The smart Moti Lal added the Persian epithet 'Nehru' thus making the name sound even more 'un-Hindu'. //////////////// The English army, quite unlike the Hindu army, was made of a different material. While Hindus let the defeated enemy go free (like Prithviraj Chauhan had done and then regretted), the English were after each and every Mogul. They were shooting down all Mohammedans for fear of facing another claimant to the Delhi throne. Panic and fear ran like wildfire among the Moguls. There was nowhere to flee. The city had been surrounded by the 'firangi' forces and their allies, the Sikhs and the Gurkhas. It was then that the wily Mohammedans came up with the brilliant idea of name-changing. Ghiyasuddin became Ganga Dhar, almost like Yusuf Khan who had become Dilip Kumar, many years later. /////////////// Delhi was ransacked. All residents (both Hindus and Mohammedans) had to leave and take shelter under tents set up by the 'firangis' outside city ramparts. For full two months they remained there in the tents (like the Kashmiri Hindu refugees do today). During this time, the English searched thoroughly each vacated home and discovered immense wealth, which was, by the rules of the game, confiscated by the new rulers. A month later, the Hindus were asked to return to their homes. The Mohammedans were allowed to return even later. //////////////// In the aftermath, many Mohammedans fled to nearby cities not yet fully under the control of the English. Agra was such a city. It still had considerable Mogul influence. And Jawahar's Mogul grandfather Ganga Dhar, with his entire family, left for Agra. How do we know that? Jawahar states in his own autobiography that on their way to Agra, the English troops detained Ganga Dhar's family. Ganga Dhar told them that they were not Mohammedans but Kashmiri Hindus. Jawahar explains in his autobigraphy that the primary reason for the detention was their Mogul features. The Kashmiri Hindus looked very much like Mohammedans from Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and so on. And behold the English let Ganga Dhar and his family go to Agra. The rest is history. /////////////// [Afterword: The unbecoming fascination of the Nehrus for alien Mohammedan connections persisted even beyond the Mogul roots. Please read up K.N. Rao's 'The Nehru Dynasty', Chapter XXIII. Reference is made there to Indira's (falsely described as the wife of Parsi Firoz Gandhi when he was no such thing; he was a pure and simple sunni Mohammedan whose father Nawab Khan was a liquor supplier of Allahabad) letters in the publication Two Alone, Two Together (letters between Indira Gandhi and Jawahar Lal Nehru) edited by Sonia Gandhi. The publishers of this book were London's Hoddard and Stoughton. In that book is featured a letter by Indira to her father, Jawahar and it says: /////////////// "Some months ago when I was at Metheran, Masi (aunt) wrote saying that she had heard from some Parsis that it was written in their ancient book that a Hindu of high family would marry into a Parsi family (here, a 'Hindu of high family' is Indira and 'Parsi' is Firoz, son of sunni Nawab Khan) and their son would do great things - religious reform and so on. Masi asked me to inquire into the matter but it quite slipped my mind. Last evening my mother in law (meaning Nawab Khan's so called Parsi wife, converted to islam at the time of her nikaah) came in a state of great excitement. She had also heard something of the sort, a slightly different version. According to her, the son was the reincarnation of the Shah Behram of Persia. /////////////// "Baby's (meaning Rajiv Gandhi's) patri (horoscope) has arrived. I am enclosing it. It is written in Gujarati but I suppose you will be able to get it read. I am enclosing an English translation of the jyotishi's remarks. I am sending all this registered - please do the same when you return it. The good thing about it is supposed to be that there are five planets in one house," and so on. ///////////////// Quite clearly, the Nehrus could oscillate from the Mogul to the Persian at will as long as the roots appeared to be Mohammedan, alien or home made, and farther removed from indigenous roots the better. May we ask what great things did Rajiv do, other than stealing the Bofors money and jeopardizing the lives of our jawans by supplying them with inferior canon? And what reform was she talking about other than legalizing polygamy among the Mohammedans of India and granting them special privileges to talaaq their womenfolk, sans alimony? No doubt Indira would not move against the fornication-prone Pakistani ruffians when they were shooting down unarmed Bengali Hindu civilians. Some three millions were thus decimated but she had not even lifted a finger until the uproar inside the country became literally uncontrollable. Then again, she let go the 93,000 Pakistani soldiers scot free without exacting a quid pro quo from the enemy. Neither did she ask for the trial of Tikka Khan. And during that time, our jawans captured by the Paki army on the western front, were summarily shot in prisons, against the Geneva regulations. Is it surprising that in Europe today one can purchase picture post cards of Hari Mandir Temple with a comment on the back that Indira had secretly become Mohammedan and that is why she had chosen the Gurpurnima day (when the temple was choc a bloc with women and children) to shoot the pilgrims down, in thousands. And when the 93,000 Pakis left for their home, they had put on weight, were well-dressed and so on. She was some musalmanani of great piety although out of fear for divulging her Islamic roots, she had refused to visit the Kaaba as desired by the Saudi Royal family. Since when the Saudis have taken to inviting non-Mohammedans to visit Mecca?///////////////// Let us not be impressed by the 'five planets' and all such 'bakwaas'. What really happened is in front of our eyes, is this. In a country where they would not even hurt a chicken, there were not one, not two but three assassinations in quick succession. And all three were Gandhis. One was shot by a Hindu, the second was turned into pulp by two Sikhs and the third was pulverized by a Catholic lady of Tamil extraction. In the mean time, the bastard son of Mohammad Yunus (still the custodian of the Netaji Papers), Sanjay aka Sanjiv, killed himself in that plane accident. And the 'sarkari chacha' had died of syphilis, which apparently he had contracted in a local dhaba from a glass of drinking water! Well! Who will believe that? What really happened can only be described as divine dispensation to preserve and protect our 'dharma rajya' of Bharat, that the Congress and the secularists along with the Mohammedan traitors were bent upon destroying for good!////////////// ============================ FOOTNOTE: ASK A LEARNED INDIAN, "WHAT WAS THE NAME OF INDIRA GANDHI'S HUSBAND?"/////////// PROMPT COMES THE ANSWER FROM THE TIMID "COOLIE", "FEROZE GANDHI."/////////// "OH GANDHI? ALL RIGHT. NOW TELL ME THE NAMES OF HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND AT LEAST ONE UNCLE AND ONE AUNT AND TWO FIRST COUSINS."///////////// SILENCE. SILENCE. IGNORANCE./////////// WHY? BECAUSE THEY WERE ALL MOHAMMEDANS OF ALLAHABAD.//////////// TRY AND FIND FEROZE KHAN'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE! OR THE DOCUMENT AT HIS NIKAH!///////// THIS IS PERISHING HINDUSTHAN or "PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE" (P.I.S.S.).///////////// 000000000
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    'Jwahyr' and 'Jwahir' stem from the Indian name Jawahar which means a regional leader or king.  We found the following reference to the name Jawahar on a website called Truth Detector and offer it anecdotally;(we're not familiar with the source and cannot make any claims about its accuracy.)
More on the Nehru Dynasty

We have received some new information on the Nehrus and would like to share it with our readers. We had reported earlier that the name of Jawahar's paternal grandfather was Gangadhar Nehru. Gangadhar was a police officer under the Moghuls. He apparently used to reside on the bank of a canal (or Nehr) and had adopted the name 'Nehru' as the family name.

It is now reported that Gangadhar was an assumed name. That the man we know as the paternal grandfather of Jawahar was of Moghul ancestry. Why did he then adopt a Hindu, so called Kashmiri name? The reason that was provided to us was this.

In 1857 AD, the year of the mutiny, the British were slaughtering all Moghuls everywhere. The Hindus on the other hand were not targeted by the British unless of course isolated Hindus were found to be siding with the Moghuls, due to past associations. It became customary therefore for many Mohammedans to adopt Hindu names and the theory is that the man we know as Gangadhar had also adopted a Hindu name and thus saved his life by the subterfuge.

In his autobiography, Jawaharlal states that he had seen a picture of his grandfather 'Gangadhar' which portrayed him like a Moghul nobleman. In her memoirs, Krishna Hutheesingh (Jawahar's second sister) has written that Gangadhar was the city Kotwal of Delhi prior to the uprising of 1857. However, a well-documented research work "Bahadur Shah II and the war of 1857 in Delhi", by Mahdi Husain (1987 edition) published by the MN Publications, W-112 Greater Kailash I, New Delhi, the city Kotwal of Delhi during 1857 was one Faizullah Khan. He had replaced the earlier Kotwal and the City Governor Mirza Maniruddin. The latter had been dismissed by the sultan for serving as a spy of the British. The post of City Governor was also abolished with him, at the time. The naib Kotwal at the time was one Bhao Singh. Sri Kashinath was the Thanedar of the Lahori Gate area. The name 'Gangadhar' could not be traced anywhere. Quite clearly, the matter needs further investigation by competent historians.

After capturing Delhi in 1857, the British got the entire walled city vacated. People were housed in tents on the outskirts of Delhi. They made a thorough search of each and every house in the city. The operation yielded enormous wealth which was summarily confiscated. The British also searched houses in the outskirts of Delhi and killed every Moghul so that there were no future claimant to the throne of Delhi. After about two months, the British permitted the Hindu residents of Delhi to return to their houses. Mohammedans were permitted to return later.

The Urdu literature of the 19th century, especially the works of Khwaja Hasan Nizami, are full of the miseries that the Moghuls and Mohammedans as a rule had to face then. They also describe how many Moghuls escaped to other cities to save their lives. In all probability, Jawahar's Moghul grandfather and his family were among them. Jawaharlal also states in his autobiography that on their way to Agra (a seat of Moghul influence) from Delhi, the members of the family were detained by the British. The reason for the detention was their Moghul features. They however pleaded that they were Kashmiri Pandits and thus got away. It is an example how history changes the course of events. Only a few years ago Kashmiri linkage had been used by the Mohammedans of Indian origin to make them look like Moghuls and now it was used to make the Moghuls look like Kashmiri Hindus!

Writes T.L. Sharma in his well-researched treatise "Hindu Muslim Relations, 1913-1925", pp. 3-5 (B.R. Publishing Corp., 29/9 Shakti Nagar, Nangia Park, Delhi 7, 1987), on the authority of Massir-ul-Umara:

"Such exaggerated importance was attached to non-Indian descent during the Moghul period that if Mohammedan aspirants for high government office did not have a foreign ancestor, they invented fictitious ones to improve their chances. Very often they took to marrying Kashmiri girls so that their fair-complexioned progeny might be accepted as of Iranian or Turkish descent...". (Today, in Islamic Pakistan and Bangladesh, well-placed Mohammedans introduce themselves as descendants of Arabs!)
The name 'Gangadhar' thus appears to be a fictitious name superimposed on a Moghul character who might have been a petty official in the services of Bahadur Shah Zafar. The name 'Nehru' raises questions too. If that name had come from the Persian word 'nahr' meaning a canal, how come no other resident of the area had adopted that name? How is it that only Motilal chose that name for his family and no one else?

It is more than likely that after fleeing from Delhi, it was only Motilal who chose the Nehru name and thus abandoned the more honorable 'family name' Kaul. On the basis of the Kaul name, all matrimonial relations were established with genuine Ksahmiri Brahmin families in the future. It is significant that all close connections of this new Nehru family were Mohammedans. Even their kitchen was managed by Mohammedan cooks. Not only that. The Nehrus felt very uncomfortable in the company of Hindus. Jawaharlal particularly abhored the words 'Hindu' and 'Hindi'. And yet this was the man who had been described as a Kashmiri Brahmin to the whole of India! A man who never had worn the 'yajnopaveet', could not read Sanskrit or even the Hindi script!

It appears that both Jawahar and his daughter Indira (there are doubts about Jawahar's having fathered Indira, since he is said to have never consummated his marriage with Kamala Kaul, Indira's mother) were fully aware of their Moghul ancestry. Here it may be said that Jawahar was fathered by Mobarak Ali, a Shia' lawyer of Allahabad and his son, Manzoor Ali had fathered Indira. While Jawahar was removed from that house in the brothel area that Motilal had rented and reared in the palace of the Nawab of Oudh, a friend of Mobarak Ali, Indira was reared in the Anand Bhavan, previously known as the Ishrat Manzil of Mobarak Ali. It may be mentioned here that all male children of the Nehrus', Jawahar (son of Mobarak Ali and Swarup Rani), Rajiv and Sanjay (sons of Firoz Khan and Mohamad Yunus, respectively) had been circumcised following the Islamic fashion.

That explains why both Jawahar and Indira admired the Moghuls and their way of life. That can be the only reason for Jawahar's eulogizing the Moghul period of Indian history (which was meticulously followed by India's Mohammedan ambassador to the US, Abid Husain, during his entire tenure). Jawahar's appointees at the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) were all admirers of the Moghul period too. Incidentally, the pre-Independence history books termed the Gupta period (320 - 550 AD) as the golden age of India.

Recently, the former Foreign Minister of India, Natwar Singh has made an interesting revelation about Indira Gandhi's affinity to the Moghuls. In his book 'Profile and Letters' published by the Sterling Publishers, L-10 Green Park Extn, New Delhi 16, extracts of which have been published in the Daily Hindustan Times, Nov. 16, 1997, Natwar Singh states that Indira (then Prime Minister of India), went on an official visit to Afghanistan in 1968. Natwar Singh had accompanied her in his capacity as an officer on special duty of the Foreign Ministry of India. After having completed the day's long engagements, Indira wanted to go out for a ride in the evening. After going a long distance in the car, Indira wanted to visit Babur's burial place. Remember that Babur was the founder of the Moghul dynasty! This visit was NOT included in the itinerary. The Afghan security officials tried to dissuade Indira, but she was adamant. In the end she did go to the place where Babur was buried. It was a deserted place. She went before Babur's grave, stood there for a few minutes with head bent down in reverence. Natwar Singh stood behind her. When Indira had finished her prayers, she turned back and told Singh: "Today we have had our brush with history." No doubt, if Indira had been alive today as the country's prime minister, the slaughter at Ayodhya perpatrated by Mulayam Singh Yadav would have been ten times greater, almost like she had done in the Harimandir Sahib Temple!

Rajiv Gandhi, Indira's son, not so knowledgable in history, Indian or otherwise, was nevertheless quite proud of his Moghul ancestry. Although he used to say publicly that he had no personal religion, and that only his wife Sonia was a Catholic, in personal conduct Rajiv was very much a Moghul of the Islamic faith. On 15th August, 1988 he thundered from the ramparts of the Red Fort: "Our endeavor should be to take the country to heights to which it belonged about 250-300 years ago." It was then the reign of Aurangzeb, the 'jeziya' master and number one temple destroyer.

Our readers! Does all this throw some light on the Nehru dynasty? Sure, it is hard to swallow, but it doubtlessly shows that India has been ruled by this Mohammedan family for the last 50 years. Their success lay in the impeccable guile and perfect connivance, aided by the foolish credulity of the Hindu leaders of India. How long are we going to take such tripe from the cheats and for how long? If only our gods had not intervened and decimated the dynasty wholesale, India today would have been another darul Islam!