what is the position of humans ( us , we ) , in relation to the god.

today, while studying the book by swami akhandananda jee saraswati, who went to krishna abode in 1987, we are like robots, with all the controls in the hands of god. but what make us different from these days raw technology robots is :

every one of us, (robots) , has a special chip planted in all of us, by which he takes all the feed back and gives us all the instructions.

we have a special programme in us, which makes us feel always that we are free to do what ever we like, and there is no control behind us. lord krishna accepts this in sri gita in many places, specially in chapter 18 verse 61.

another special pro gramme feed in us is that, we acquire all the experiences done in our life, and those habits, pull ourself to the same directions, which we have done before, forming a victitious cycle.

this cycle of previous habits (sanskars), and then the actions by their cause, then more habbits, some times break, when we get people/company of people with different taste. it is either by chance, or again under the scheme of the super controllor ( called god, ishwar, or Allah, or tirthankar, or budha etc).

in gita , lord Krishna says, this change of cycle happens once in a thousand cases. (chapter 7 verse 3 : http://www.bhagavad-gita.org/Gita/verse-07-03.html ).
so there is no escape from this control.

by prayer, submission, surrender etc. this controller (named as god) can be probably influenced in our favour, as per chapter 8,verse 14 and chap 9 verse 29, of sree gita jee ( the book of life, sung by the god , himself) . chapter 9 is a secret chapter as per declaration in the book itself.

as per this book, sri gita jee, it is possible by us robots, to know the design of god, and be safe from sorrow and happiness.

but the problem is , if we want to become away from sorrow, then we become detached from so called happiness coming from indulgence.

these are just my stray thoughts, since this facebook has place for these things.
thanks , if you have taken pains to read it. your comments are most welcome.