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A Visit to Sonia Gandhi's Birth Place By Aravind G 06/02/2003 At 13:47
Yes, I am speaking here of Sonia Maino, the alien, non-Hindu widow of the late Rajiv Roberto Gandhi, hell bent to destroy India's culture, religion and its people. A Visit to Orbassano, Sonia's Birth Place It has been a great tragedy that for the last several centuries our people have been kept in the dark about the true identity of our rulers. I am not speaking here of our common people who, in great measure, have been denied education and literacy, induced to lay down their lives in battles, almost like mercenaries; I am speaking here of our so called educated men who are more eager to know about lesbianism, an Islamic phenomenon, born in harems, than about the antecedents of their own foreign-born rulers.
The thing has deteriorated so much that the entire country happily romps around today, with a foreign born woman of unknown pedigree. Yes, I am speaking here of Sonia Maino, the alien, non-Hindu widow of the late Rajiv Roberto Gandhi, hell bent to destroy India's culture, religion and its people. Did you notice that we are never told about the roots of Sonia, her background, her family, how many brothers and sisters she has, the name of her father, his profession, which town or village she comes from, in small little things that familiarize the people with the self-appointed ruler by virtue of an accidental wedding abroad?

In India, we are not told the name of Rajiv's paternal grandfather or how did the universal uncle Jawahar Lal died or wherefrom did the adjunct 'Nehru' come from! Moti Lal's father's name was Ganga Dhar; why then Moti Lal was not named Moti Lal Dhar? And so on and so forth; we have a great deal of unknowns to discover and be familiar with. I therefore set out to discover myself the small village where Sonia hails from. After some inquiries, I discovered that Sonia was born some 52 years ago in the small village called Orbassano, just outside Turin (called Torino in Italian), in the north of the country, at the foothills of the Alps.)" " The next night I invited the two Italian getlemen to dine with me.

I asked them what they knew about the love affair between Rajiv (il presidente indiano), a Mohammedan boy and Sonia, a thoroughbred 'cattolica' of Orbassano. Didn't her father have anything to say to this inter-faith marriage? I was told that Sonia's father, a simple man named Stephano Maino, used to be a staunch fascist (never mind Sonia's leftist stance today) and supporter of Benito Mussolini, the dictator of Italy then. Stephano was an upcoming party-man at the time. He was among those hoodlums who used to round up leftists and force feed them with bottles of castor oil. This was common at the time, all over Italy. The men would vomit and foul their pants, would be ridiculed in public and punished by long jail sentences so that their will could be broken. And in due course Stephano rose in ranks and eventually was sent to the eastern front to fight the Russians. He was captured and had to pass many months in Russian prison camps where he, for the first time came in touch with Russian women jail-keepers with names like Sonia and Marouchka. It was after his return from the front, after the war was over, that Stephano returned home in Orbassano and sired the two daughters, whom he named with Russian names, Sonia and Marouchka.

He became a contractor of some sort and no longer a party-man; there was no party then! On the subject of the inter-religious marriage with Rajiv, the 'indiano', I was told that Stephano was too angry at first to give his blessing to the marriage. At the beginning, Rajiv denied his Islamic roots and blabbered something on his being a Parsee. He explained how the Parsees in India are very liberal. He cited the names of Ratan Tata and several others, even of those who had married French Catholic ladies without giving up their Parsee faith. The implication was that by virtue of the fact that Rajiv's father Feroz's mother used to be a Parsee woman (and that was prior to her niakaah), Rajiv too could marry Sonia sans relinquishing his Mohammedan creed. The problem that the nitwit Rajiv did not think about is that a man's faith is NOT determined by the religion of the mother and even more so when she changes her creed, just prior to wedding as Feroz's mother had done; she had become a Mohammedan woman at the time of her nikaah with the Sunni Mohammedan Nawab Khan. If Feroz is a Parsee then Pataudi and Ayesha Sultana's (aka Sharmila Tagore) son Seif Ali (the sword of Ali) is also a Hindu. However, Stephano was smart enough to call the bluff of Rajiv, who never has been known to be intelligent. From the BCCI, Bofors and the submarine deals, he has dropped the load everywhere to great dismay of his supporters. (Those who want to know further, please read up M.O. Mathai's books My Days With Nehru and Reminiscences of the Nehru Age, if you can at all procure them today.

There M.O. Mathai (Nehru's P.A. for more than a decade) tells us of Nehru's chicanery fooling the Hindus of India when he announced the Vedic marriage between Feroz and Indira. According to Mathai, that was no marriage at all; such inter-faith weddings between Hindus and Mohammedans were illegal and hence, writes Mathai. Indira's two sons were bastards. India has thus been ruled for so many years by a dynasty of bastards!) But the old fashioned Stephano was not ready to listen to Rajiv's arguments. He said that in order to marry his daughter, Rajiv would have to accept Catholicism and become one. Stephano Maino may not be a Cambridge graduate (but then neither was Rajiv, inspite of all the brouhaha), he did not approve of an inter-faith wedding where his own daughter was a party. And behold, Rajiv became a Catholic. Now, readers! Please remember by this simple act that took place in far away and unknown Orbassano, Rajiv, the grandson of Nawab Khan, the Sunni liquor merchant, became punishable by death! Apostasy is punishable by death in Islam. Measures were taken to keep this information on Rajiv's change of faith quiet. India's Mohammedans did not make much noise for the ante was too high. Sonia came to India as Rajiv's wife, with her father's blessings, but as an Italian Catholic citizen which she remained for decades. She was no burden to her husband. She dabbled in insurance business. Who in India would not run to an insurance agent like Sonia? She was making bags of money in our poor India until the matter was brought to light and such activities were stopped forthwith.

Then Rajiv, still an Indian husband of an Italian wife, willy nilly went on with his air plane second pilot's job until the time came to take over from her assassinated mother. A share of the sins from subsequent mass slaughter of India's Sikhs bothered Sonia and her advisors (like Mani Shankar Liars et al) suggested garlanding of Bhagat Singh's pictures in public for an eventual redemption. However, that did not work as we all know. No doubt this ragazza (girl, in Italian) has come a long way. She had to become an Indian citizen to enable her husband to become the Prime Minister. We know the subsequent incidents and anecdotes. How the wily Sonia was instrumental in the Pope's arrival in India after the eye-wash of a fictitious 'Ganga-cleaning', which remained unclean even after the Pope had left for the Vatican! It was then that the Catholic couple (they had not done so all these years!) started visiting Hindu temples with vermilion-smeared foreheads, in saris and dhoties. Sonia was made the life-time chair-person of the million-dollar Rajiv Gandhi Fund. Money was coming in like it was no body's business. From the BCCI, from the Bofors deal, the submarine deal, while Catholic convents were being built with India's money, some 500 of them, to vie with Mother Teresa.

It was at this time of the post-Rajiv period, this young woman went to Japan (please look up the Soka Gakkai International edition of that year) where she lectured that in the matter of divinity both Gandhi and Nehru were of the same level as the Lord Gautama Buddha. At one stroke, the entire Japanese nation was red in anger. And this is the person who in her big expensive book on the late Rajiv, prepared by a hack-writer under the guidance of Sonia, had stated that her knowledge of India was very limited when she first met Rajiv at that Italian eatery in the back streets of Cambridge. Then she knew India to be only a land of snakes and tigers. She had never heard of Gautama Buddha or of Hinduism or even of Islam! The lady has well-paid and competent teachers. Money has always been abundant; even after she had transferred all those millions of dollars from India to London (one would like to know under which law this could be done and by whose orders?) and after the Baring Bank (where she had deposited all the Rajiv Gandhi Fund money) had turned turtle, one wonders who gave permission to replenish all that lost money in full? Now she has become a past mistress in chicanery, Sicilian style.

Christian Bhil boys rape Christian Bhil women and Hindu boys get the blame for having raped Christian nuns. The false news is broadcast all over the Christian world and our wide-eyed BJP babes-in-the-wood cannot even protest! In faltering Hindi she reads to Hindu listeners that 'the soil of India is as pure to her as the vermilion of her forehead'; that 'she would like to breathe her last only in this land of virtue' and so on and then abruptly turns round, and like an ill-bred street woman starts calling respectable Indian leaders like Vajpayee, 'a liar'! (Afterword: Readers! We have not heard the last of this babe.

Unless our Gods take care of such insult of our ancient nation by this broad, who also is a fraud, like they had done with the entire Gandhi-Nehru dynasty within the span of a few years, she is going to be a nuisance and our people would have to suffer! Time has come for our people to take notice and to watch every movement of the signora, and NOT leave our affairs totally in the hands of incompetent leaders! She has already dubbed Vajpayee a liar; wait till she comes up with choice Italian swear words for us too! )

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