memorable visit to jagannath baldev and subhadra in puri : the best temple i remember to see


“enjoy the jagannath temple yatra, in puri, a lot on side with  nirvana”
i was recently there in puri. and before going , i read many reviews here.
i got frightened by the pandaas of puri description:

my tips for enjoyable vacation :

you actually need a panda , who would tell you about the temple.
but naturally they would like you to give donations and solicit for that as any other agency do it.
so do not take it offensive.
my tip is : just tell them , what they expect,and tell them you would give them X amount for their introducing the temple, and would donate or not donate according to your wish.
but then do not get carried over by the different pandaas , when they say you should donate this for that.
this is a small principal in all the temples of india, as you actually need them as a guide, otherwise you will see the walls only.
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