Chacha Nehru's mistakes haunts us even today

Chacha Nehru's mistakes haunts us even today

Now I wd only like to give here what Sardar Patel has talked about
Chacha Nehru..

Read for your self:-
Sardar Patel was the HOme Minister and Nehru was the PRime Minister of India since Independence..Nehru always tried to passify London and Moscow whereas,Patel,believed in Selfrespect without seeking others help..He spent more time in our villages,whereas Nehru spent more time in those fabulous cities.So there was a growing gap in the very Ideology between the two.

It was the exemplary skills of Sardar patel which forced all the 550 small princes and zamindars to surrender to Independent India,tho' Nizam of Hyderabad,Kashmir,Junnahath,Trivancore,Bhopal,Jodh pur,and such small kingdoms refused to budge in .Junaahath Nawab openly challenged Patel saying they wd join Pakistan.Mount baton also encouraged Junnahath Nawab to openly revolt against India.Patel was able to tackle all these problems including Kashmir,which alone gave max troubles to Patel as they were constantly instigated by Jinnah from Pakistan.
Kashmir Problem,Mountbaton said,can be referred to U.N.
Nehru always sided whatever Mountbaton said and Patel was dead against this move of taking Kashmir to UN.
Patel met Raja of Kashmir and even obtained his signature that the matter may not be referred to UN but JInnah silently sent in some troops across to Kashmir and started creating troubles.Patel sent our troops and there was clear victory for our troops as the infiltrators were successfully repulsed..
Alas!Despite this Nehru referred this Kashmir issue to UN which was totally opposed by Sardar Patel..He said "it is purely an internal matter and why should we refer this to UN"

Patel said"If only Nehru had listened to my advice,not a single Pakistani wd have been allowed to stay inside Kashmir even for a single day."Patel went on repeating this to every one and infact took it to Mahatma also.Patel raised this issue in the Congress Working committee and Nehru & Patel were at loggerheads on this issue often..Nehru started showing his hatred towards Patel as Nehru always wanted only Yes men around him.There were Nehru Group & Patel Group in the party.
Sardar Patel wanted to atleast renovate the famous Somanath temple and Rajendra Prasad,President,attended the same.Nehru was absent.
In the Nashik Conference,Patel fell sick but he warned 'that since China has occupied Tibet,India must be very very careful with China..They are not a trustworthy Neighbour.."
Nehru ddin't like this also as he wanted to establish a relationship with the Chinese under any circumstances.
Patel who returned to Bombay refused medical attention and died on 15th Dec 1950.
Nehru wanted to bring the body to Delhi and give a fitting memorial which was refused by Patel's daughter,Maniben,who knew to what extent Nehru had done the damage on this great Soldier of India..
The last rites were done in BOmbay and President Rajendra Prasad was uncontrollable touching Patel
"What a great son of India..a good friend..How can I forget you my friend.."

Prasad was unconsolable....

One man didnt attend the funeral..

Chacha Nehru..

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