On Albert Einstein by robert oppenheimer

Einstein is also, and I think rightly, known as a man of very great good will and humanity. Indeed, if I had to think of a single word for his attitude towards human problems, I would pick the Sanscrit word Ahinsa, not to hurt, harmlessness. He had a deep distrust of power

the above paragraph is written by robert oppenheimer, the father of atomic bomb. in

this shows that to describe some concepts, he was short of words in english dictionary.

On Albert Einstein

MARCH 17, 1966

by Robert Oppenheimer

the murderers of second world war :

The dissenting member of the Tokyo tribunal, Judge Radhabinod of India, dismissed the charge that Japanese leaders had conspired to commit atrocities, stating that a stronger case might be made against the victors, because the decision to use the atomic bomb resulted in indiscriminate murder.

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