shri krishna daas kinkar : a life coach : श्री कृष्ण दास किंकर : जीवन शिक्षक



Ours is a group of social volunteers.

We help the people to get away their problems by taking the help from god, by reiki, astrology, spiritual therapy, holistic healing, and even legal help, where ever required, we advise them some wordly methods also.

If you are feeling depressed,  lonely, or confused in life, carrer, relation, Stress, Depression, Grief, Infertility, Addiction. or anything , we try  to help you as much as possible through our non profit organization.

We tell them how to and from where to  take that help.  This is called life coach.

Like there is a swimming coach, who teaches you how to swim.

There is no charge of fee. You are most welcome to take a free help. 
But if you wish you can donate some thing for the sewa of cows in brindaavan.


for those who want to help: 

if you are a person who do not need help, but can help others, then also please contact us.  

the society, and the god needs you.


Jai shree radhey

Shri Krishna daas kinkar,


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