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the latest doctrines of some evolved people : 

we would not use anything which do not have its origin from chritianity, or quraan, except their land and people, and their wealth. 

The following has given the twisted image of Yoga.

What is Yoga for Christians & Muslims

(i recommend to watch this video )


World's largest incarceration (prison confinement population) exists in the USA.
Listen to famous American, Ms. Michelle Alexander, Professor at Ohio State University, and Attorney - Author of "The New Jim Crow" on the following YouTube link.

Question ‘why so much incarceration’ is answered here: Because fools who have given false twisted, confused, altered fabricated ideas on ‘What is Yoga for Christians & Muslims’ are mischievously trying very hard to tell the world “Cop-Out” ideas, that Jesus died for the believers’ sins.

They are tricking humanity to come in the company of these rascals for ambitious hope of making laws for the human mind. They have been aggressively pursuing to install the most inconsistent, weird and confused beliefs making the believers very irresponsible, lacking self-respect, self-dignity, self-respect including for others in daily actions thus marching on the road to experiment with drugs, peddling and consuming.

The believers made to believe by these very fools that one is not responsible for the consequences of one’s action (SELF-CONTROL) as these excellent fools calling “SELF-CONTROL,” DEMONIAC. Facts are these mischievous rascals are aggressively dangerous to the humanity, including to themselves, totally misleading the entire humanity to go against the very core of the human’s nature ever since the inception of Christianity.

Boys, even your birth-giving mother could not take bath for you immediately you entered again in this mortal world. Who took the bath right after your birth? Mama or You! Fools, you have to take care of your cleansing.

THIS IS YOUR LIFE CREATED BY EXTREMELY CONTRADICTORY IDEAS: Well in Mexico just in the last four years over 70,000 killed in drug related murders while 58,220 American killed in Vietnam (the war began in 1954 through conflicts – in 1975 Communist forces seized control Saigon, ending the Vietnam War). Total murdered including civilians were over three (3) million humans in Vietnam War.

These are the cause and effect of the foxes: no self-control and no self-discipline – just cop-out very strange ideas pushing through your very strange desertification ideologies, which are totally against logic, against reasoning, against enlightenment against the human sense and intelligence – filled with utmost contradictory ideas.

Total Americans & Afghans killed & Wounded in Afghanistan war: 68,273;

Total Americans & Iraqis killed & Wounded in Iraq War: 2,591,241 (More than 2.5 million killed and wounded) yet wars have not stopped.

Knowing these facts the super Rattlers are rattling, out of proportions, their very viciously charged agenda spilling venom against the very aged-old Science of self-control, self-discipline, self-respect, self-dignity. That is what the Yoga i.e. Yog teaches to see love in everyone’s heart as God resides in everyone’s heart by taking self-control for invoking inner deep consciousness of soul,

Yoga does not teach criminal ideas to hate like you fools constantly broadcast in your ugly minds “Oh Heathens” – Muslims call you infidels well where do you settle?

Is war the answer and or to invoke your inner higher consciousness with the advancement of aged old Science of Yoga i.e., Yog to explore deeper inner secrets of Self and linking with the OM.

So you powerful demons filled with ghetto mentalities rubbed through inconsistent beliefs, isn't time to find a great Hindu Master, who has seen the Absolute Truth, to guide your inner consciousness so you fox would come back to the senses of true humanity self-realizing: “Oh, grapes were not at all sour.”

TO Mischievous Foxes, unless you have not tasted the grapes, how dare do you broadcast that they are sours thus misleading every good meaning human unless you have decided your next destiny into lower hellish planets, which are many: Atala, Patala, Satala. Vedas are ancient books guiding to souls Universal Natural Laws and the Principles, which manifest all of us including animals.  

God bless America and the world,

Namaste – Hari OM

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