my first upload on you tube about shri gita ji

dear atman, 

in accordance with the directions given in sri madd bhagwadd gita ji, chapter 18 verse 68 and 69 , i recorded a few shlokas of shri gita ji, whith the help of dr a kant, who has a beautiful health centre by the name of yoganchal, just 8 km from us. 

with his encouragement, here is the first recording which i uploaded on you tube.  

because we do not exactly know, how to upload , this 1.37 minute clip took 2 hours to upload. if some body read this and knows something about uploading, please help me.  he will also help the cause of sri gita ji also. 

i expects  the comments from my dear friends who would see this message.  so here is the link :

jai shree krishna
ashok gupta
shrikrishna daas kinkar

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