my wonderful visit to dubai , december ,2011

मेरी wonderful   दुबई यात्रा 

my real economy class by which i travel, people are more open here.

my co-flight friend from united kingdom mr benedict beaumont

in front of boat cruise in night 

i am doing camel ride from my childhood , in rajasthan, but dubai experience is different

the eagale man 

desert scooters

the inside of desert safari camp

local tribal dance with modern technology

the famous belly dance, in hindi you say it ठुमका डांस 

my friend mr konstanin shelepov from kazakistan

अपनी कार नहीं तो क्या mercedes तो है 

the business team from india and dubai associates

where there are indians, there are sweets

bollywood is every where

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Benedict Beaumont said...

Hello Mr Krishna!
I have told many people about our conversation on that flight, but unfortunately I lost your email!
So imagine my delight when I say a pupil google my name and your blog came up!
I am going to look forward to reading it, you have some interesting looking articles, and given my own enquiries into faith, spirituality and the human condition, I hope that I will have something positive to say.
I too write regularly, and keep a blog on . Just publishing a e-book about my time in india too, there are extracts on there.
I look forward to resuming out dialogue. That flight was very memorable.