Why is it hard to forgive others?

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Brahma Kumaris, Guyana guyana@gy.bkwsu.org

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Hard To Forgive

Why is it hard to forgive others? Usually because we believe that they are 90% to blame for the problem, that I am not as bad as they are. So I start to carry the load of other people's actions. If my ego is too hurt, I will have the sense of correction, of justice: 'I know I am right', 'That is not fair'. But if I start to forgive from the heart, sincerely, I remain humble and this forgiveness will bring me closer to others. Then I do not carry regrets or anger, I just let go and remain light.

i came in their contact, when a couple of years back i was in guyana and happened to go their on an indian festival "raksha bandhan" , which they were celebrating there.  and i participated there , then possibly they registered my name there, and since then i receive beautiful mails from there. 

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lighthouse at dusk

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