मत जगाओ , प्लीज़ मत जगाओ हिन्दुओं को सोने दो ,

प्रिय विशाल भैया ,

मत जगाओ , 
प्लीज़ मत जगाओ 

हिन्दुओं को सोने दो , 

कमाने दो , 
बच्चों को बड़े स्कूलों में पढ़ाने दो 
नोकरी लगने दो 
एक करोड़ की शादी हो जाने दो 
जगराता करने दो 
तीर्थ करने दो , 
वोट देने दो , 

हि*रे जग कर भी क्या करेंगे .
करवट लेंगे और सो जायेंगे 

        Not to harm any one’s feeling……….!
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This is NOT London, NOT Singapore, Not any other foreign city.
THIS IS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY INDIA and in a STATE Called GUJARAT. This is in AHMEDABAD City and this model is a "SUCCESSFUL" BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport System) and this is recognized by international organizations as well..!
2014 Central Govt Elections, The choice is yours.
It is CORRUPT Congress Versus Sustainable, Efficient & Honest Development by Mr Narendra Modi.
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If a muslim says " Insah Allah ", he is secular.
If a Christian says " I love Jesus Christ ", he is secular.
But if a hindu says " Jai Shree Ram ", he is communal?
If a muslim says " I am Muslim ", he is secular.
If a Christian Says " I am Christian ", he is secular.
But if a hindu says " I am Hindu ", he is Communal??
To hell with Pseudo-secularism.
I am a Hindu and i am proud of my Dharm, my culture, my moral values, my history, my way of living and every thing that my Dharm has taught me...
Proudly feel & say, "I AM A HINDU"
                           We must understand
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Since partition, the rate at which the muslims flourish in India is quite remarkable.
Split our country into 3 and gave them 2 separate countries pakistan and Bangladesh, which had a 80-20 muslim-hindu population then and now has been reduced to a mere 2%?
Same thing with Kashmir, where are the hindus,? why article 370? you pump them with subsidies and reservations .
We are the 2nd largest muslim populated country in the world and they are still called minorities? Where is the uniform civil code?
Why is there so much partiality in spite of all the terrorism?
If this continues ,one day our country will be consumed just like how the other muslim countries were consumed.
I seriously feel like a hindu in pakistan already.
                                                            We all should admit
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A Nation’s progress or development stems from the Media
Instead of strengthening and following about the nation’s progressiveness is focusing on unwanted vested interests of personal nature .
Has any one National media focusing on the above.
Shabby and Shameful.
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Kerala Police confirms our worst fears -

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