गाय के सामने एक बार सर तो झुकाओ, ओ हिन्दुओ फिर देखें किसकी मजाल है गाय का वध कर सके

यह पत्र  मैंने एक गौ भक्त को लिखा था . 
jai gaya mata ki,

dear devotee, 

i appreciate your effort for the protection of gaya maata.

i have one thing in my mind that for the protection of cow, killers are not as responsible as the hindus themselves do not give much importance to gaya mata. 

do you have the idea that how many hindus bow their head , by seeing the gaya mata , at least once in the day. 

they are not told these small things. so my request is that togethor with the protection from the hands of killers, a sense of respect , also has to be taught to the indian society.

so at least ask every hindu to bow their head , at least by seeing the first cow in the day.

the vibrations of that respect will change the over-all feeling of the country and the next government would be of gau-bhakts and not of gau-killers.

sorry to write so much. as i am very small in front of , what you are doing for the gaya mata.

jai gaya mata
ashok gupta
delhi, india

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Anonymous said...

gaya bhagwan ki isht hai,poojniye hai.bhagwan bhi gaya ki pooja kartey hai.jo gaya ki seva kartey hai bhagwan unsey humesha prasanna rehtey hai.isliye bhagwan ko prasanna karney ka ,is kalikal mai sabsey saral upaye gau seva aur gau sarakshad hai.

priye gau mata
priye gopal

"om surabhai namah".(surabhi mahamantra)