how to make millions and billions in import business within specified time ? it is possible ? read this to get a fair idea. no start up bu jump start..

how to start import business from scratch ? 
how to make a jump start for import business  ?
no need to slow start and big planning on paper !

learn it from the people who knows it and who are ready to help.
take tips and bypass the long route of business. 
ok !  but haaaaoooo ??????
like any other knowledge, in this world, the new thing can be learned in a college and university, but sorry they only tell you the theory.  it is taught by the persons, who are theoritical in their own life, never tried to it by themselves, so they do not know the thing they are supposed to teach. 

so what is the other possibilities ? 
very difficult situation !
those who know the business only knows their line of business, and that is all, and honestly 
1.  you do not have approach to them.
2.  why they will teach you the tricks of the trade. 

but here you have got a life time opportunity !  that you are reading this post.  
why i am telling you ?
i have lived most part of my life.  now i know the little experience i have will be going down day by day, and this will be useless if not used .  and till now  i have taken a lot from the society and now it is time to return it a little if possible.   it is completely free, unless you ask me to do some physical / mannual help to you which involves a lot of movement by me. 

actually i am not able to write you everything fully, i will only give a very broad idea, because of my ability to type too much, because of age factor, if you feel , usefull, then it will be best to call me by phone and mention this blog. 

2. help you in the product selection.
3.  will tell you the market of that product, not theoritically but will actually introduce you with those buyers.
4.  will introduce you personally with the suppliers abroad, wether they are in usa, china, dubai, europe or anyother country. 
5. after this all excercise now the actual action begain .  then i will be standing with you in whole transaction, till you learn it fully and can do it without me. 
6.   will tell you how to collect the information and the desired resources /manpower/ investment. 
7.  how much we can earn  ?with my blue print you would be able to easily make from rs 10 laks to one crore per month, according to your seriousness in the business.  8.  if you are old in business and are stuck up some where, then also you can have another jump start, and can make your company public and easily can bring out a public isssue of 100 crores to 10,000 crores within a year. 
9. if you are doing very good in india, you can do it 100 times after comeing in international market. 
with president of guyana his excellency bharat jagdeo ji
10.  seems to be big words, but unless you check, how would you know that wether this is right or hoax only ?this looks very dreamy, but i am speaking on the basis of what i have already done for other people , at different times in different countries.  in this blog you can see by business background some where, or ask me specifically. do not hesitate please,  before going to a teacher or university, you have all the rights and liberty to know, to whom you are talking. what is his calibre and capacity, or he is just talking some imaginary things.
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thanks and regards
ashok gupta

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