what do you want ? export - import knowledge for months or real time jump start for export and import business giving you profit from the first month ?

theory     v/s   practical in import business

it is very good to learn theory depending on what your goal is ?
if you want to get a  good job of chef in a restaurant then you should do graduation in hotel management. 
but if you want to make money in restaurant business, then you should learn how to run a restaurant, and hire a few good chefs. 

similarly if you want to do a good job in international business, you should do graduation and post graduation in international business,  


if you want to earn right away in emport and import business, then you should ask the persons who have done it, and have ready plan for you. 

why i was pressed upon to write this blog because, recently i saw an advertisement , for a short course , and teaching the following items.  

Most importantly, our export centre will provide hand holding support to each participating companies on their export business, their market linkage and will facilitate in connecting them with peer networks.
Course Structure
  • Strategy to Strengthen Export in Traditional Markets
  • Possibilities of Product-Market Diversification for Exporters
  • PMI: Hands-on computer based exercise
  • Export subsidies and incentives for exporters
  • Export subsidies and incentives for importers
  • MSME Schemes at Central and State level
  • Getting Started in Export Import- Step by Step
  • Understanding Incoterms 2010
  • Commercial Documentation for Foreign Trade
  • Organising Finance for Exports
  • Risk Management for MSMEs
  • Managing Global Compliance in Exports
For more details on this course please visit  -

then this thing came to my mind, that i have been into active imports and exports from last 35 years, and i never came across such theoritical things,  so i think for a person who actually wants to business , this is a total time waste , if he do not have free time.  

i think i have ready plan , with which one can easily enter in the import business, in very short time, and can start earning about 50 lac per month,  very early, with a very minimum investment.  

we will provide all information from the scratch, will decide the product, then introduce them with buyers of india , suppliers from dubai, europe, west indies, africa, usa etc. 

we would be standing by you, untill you fully have a control of  business and even after. 

this business have good potential of growth, you can start corporate level within one year, with the turnover of more then 1000 crore or 250 million dollors per year.  and similar profits.  

looks like too good to be true.  but a small talk with clarify everything.  and moreover it is free for first consultations.  

you can contact me at 
153 vivek vihar, delhi, india.
phone : +91 9810890743

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