very profitable business of LED bulbs , a jump start for new business seaker

 LED bulbs business is a new upcoming profitable business in india. 
how to make big money in led business ?
very easy : 
since this is relatively a new line, and already much advertised by govt itself, there is a heavy demand in the market.  

you may. be thinking of making the bulb in your factory ? 

good , if you are keen to do that, we can help you in that also,  but the real profit is in the sales and marketing.  

the big brands are making double to triple profits in this product.  so there is enough room to be played.  
what you can get from us ?

if you come to us, we are going to tell youo the complete business, product knowledge, and how to do marketing ?  plus we can get you made this product at a very competitive price as we are manufacturer ourself, and are making the bulbs for many brands, in their own brands. 

we have a good capacity of making, about 40 thousands bulbs per day in your name.  

how is the process ?

when you come to us, we will plan what type of bulbs will be suitable for you, their design, price , quality etc  what will be your marketing channel etc. then you can start it 

you can do it very small to very big like philips and syska for example. 

you may start with the market near to you,  if you can sell around one lakh rupees sale daily only then you will maximum need 10 lakh rupees investmentand can make around 1-2 lakh rupees monthly.  

you can give 3 year gaurantee for your bulbs and can catch the market and your sale price would be half the equivalent brands price. 

every thing telling is not possible on a public platform so you need to come to us directly after making an appointemnt and then we will tell you everything.   

if you want to do in a big way, then the investment would be around 3 to 5 crores, and can beat the best brand in the market, with a profit of around one crore per month.  

you are most welcome to meet us without any hesitaton or obligation, wether you want to do it or not.  there is no fee or obligation for talking. 

contact details : 
ashok gupta, 
vivek vihar, delhi, 95 delhi.

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