start your own business in india and usa,dubai, germany, africa or europe, west indies

this blog is not a letrelly thing.  but just the tips from a old persons , who has tried and tested a lot of things.  

there could be two types of businesses. 
a. traditional 
b something new idea. 

in my view even traditional business can be very growing if some speciallity is put in that.  

and new business needs time , so that the customer needs time to actually understand , what you are upto.  

but what ever it is , the main thing is , choose something, which in your view, has good demand, and you are able to sell it.  

every business just needs two things . 

1. knowledge about the business.
2. resources
3. determination to do.

if you are the entrepreneur, then you may not have either of the above first two things, but at least you should have the third , that is determination to do.  

then knowledge you can gather by extensive survey of market, and if it is manufacturing, then by visiting and meeting a no. of persons , who are already doing it. 

all will not tell you every thing, but they will tell you some points,  so like a detective, you will collect all the tips and join them to make a firm idea. 

second thing is resources.  after learning the business, talk with a no. of persons, who have resources but no idea, you can associate with them with different terms and conditions, which vary according to situation and needs. 

we can say a lot of things , i am not much habitual of writing, so in short i can only say, if you are genuinly interested in doing a business in india or abroad, then the best is that you call me, and i can tell you every thing in detail.  and all free , without any cost or obligation of any kind on either part.  

i do not claim myself to be very intelligent or very successful but as a teacher can teach even an aspirant for I A S, , IFS etc. and may not become a ias or ifs himself. 

my contact detail is ; 
ashok gupta 
alias shrikrishnadas kinkar

c 153 vivek vihar, delhi - 95 india
phone : 9810890743


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