the scrap metal (Hms) import project. how to import and how to do the import business. the salient features.

the writer in dubai scrap yard with yard owner.

Dear friend
many times my known persons ask me , how is this scrap business.

normally people can not tell the details of the business, they do or they know, for the fear of competition
but i am telling this , as seeing the scope of the business , there is so much demand that there is no competetion among the prospective competetors who are in the scale of under 1000 crore rs business per year,

that is why :
I explained scrap business to one of my friends son who is MBA.

He wanted to send it to someone,  and sent me also this copy.

It was written beautifully so I am sharing it with my blog family.

I have just added my email I'd in his mail.
Salient features of scrap import business.
Product :
This is recyclable metal import business.

The scope :
This is already a big business in whole world.   And india  already is fourth biggest scrap metal importer in the world.

Supplier countries ;
It is imported from all over the world, namely from usa, Canada, all Europe, Africa and gulf countries.  But here we are taking only gulf countries because the shipping time is very small.   We know already enough suppliers as we are regularly going there and buying from them.

Buyers in India :
Of course there are furnaces in all of india, but since we are in delhi, so mandi govindgarh(Punjab} is the biggest buying hub of india, and only 250 km from delhi.
Since we have brought the scrap many times , and sold in this market, so we know a lot of buyers there.  There is very good demand in this area.

Sellability ;
For any business, sellability is the main thing.  And this product has a good demand.  If we import scrap worth 1 crore every day, it is easily sold .

Payment ;
In any business, the payment is very important issue.  Because this product is good demand, we get the payment the same day.  And if we do it regularly, then we get from 20 % to 100% advance on the basis of our past performance.

If we invest about rs. One crore in the business , we can easily turn the investment from 5 to 10 times in a month, and calculating the net profit at 3-5% , one can easily earn 15 to 30 lakh per month.

More information :
For knowing more finer points, you can always contact us and we can show the actual loading  from gulf and other countries and the relevant documentation etc.
For any query my email I'd is :

Ashok gupta
Vivek vihar delhi.

🌷👏🍁Jai Sri radhey🙏🌴🌺
the above project is good for new startup, and old business men as well.  who do not have idea of potential in this business.

i will tell free to my blog family and any body who sees my this blog .

with his majesty the president of guyana, bharat jagdeo ji  in georgetown

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