earthquake proof japan. no building collasped in japan

see the beautiful video to see how buildings are swaying in earth quake.

Despite Major Earthquake Zero Tokyo Buildings Collapsed Thanks to Stringent Building Codes

by Diane Pham, 03/11/11
Japan is no stranger to earthquakes, but this morning’s incident was nothing like the country had ever seen before. Registering at a record breaking magnitude 8.9, the earthquake even triggered a staggering 33 foot tsunami which swept away boats, cars, homes and people as widespread fires burned out of control. While there is no question that the devastation has been massive – the situation could have been worse. Given the country’s past experience with these life-threatening tremors, Japan boasts one of the most well-thought out building codes in the world. With a system that underscores the importance of smart design and preventative measures, millions of lives may very well have been spared.


many indian leaders and beaurocrats, are cursing the god , why such tsunami does not come to india.
then they can money in a little time, from the aid coming from government and abroad.

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