wao ! india is the topmost in the world, see the mail

Largest millet producer, output of 10,610,000 tonsAgriculture2007
IndiaLargest banana producer, output of 21.77 million metric tonsAgriculture2007
IndiaLargest lemon and lime producer, output of 2,060,000 tonsAgriculture2007
IndiaLargest mango producer, output of 13,501,000 tonsAgriculture2007
IndiaLargest areca nut producer, output of 483,100 tonsAgriculture2006
IndiaLargest spice producer, output of 1,600,000 tonsAgriculture2004
IndiaLargest ginger producer, output of 420,000 tonsAgriculture2008
IndiaLargest chickpea producer, output of 5,970,000 tonsAgriculture2008
IndiaLargest lentil producer, output of 1,400,000 tonsAgriculture2007
IndiaLargest jute producer, output of 2,140,000 tonsAgriculture2008
IndiaLargest milk producer, output of 59,210,000 tonsAgriculture2007
IndiaLargest livestock of water buffalos, 97,700,000 headsAgriculture2004
IndiaLargest total freshwater withdrawal, 645.84 km³/yearAgriculture
IndiaLargest area of irrigated land, 558,080 km²Agriculture
IndiaLargest tiger headcount, 3750 tigers

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