happy valentine day to all hindus and non hindus

happy valentine to all hindus, as this year it is very special, as it is falling on ekadashi.

indians are so much festival oriented that there are already 7 days in a week and they have 8 festivals.

even then they feel hunger for more festivals, so they adopt whatever is available, down the street.

long live their(hindu's) celebration instinct, and their love for four animal instincts namely, eating, sleeping, fear and mating.

actually hindus are so much broadminded, that it does not matter for them, what they are doing, celebrating, why, and to whom they prayer.

as long as , anything brings them some happiness, some reason to eat drink and be marry, they do not discriminate . god is within them, and as per their relegion, they are god (aham brahama asmi).

so for us hindus, everything is ok, as we are above the rubbish of relegion, caste and creed, nationality etc.

even if we wish to glorify, this love day, on this day, then love between god and human being is the supermost.And .........

i think, he(krishna) is not going to decieve us.....!....

what you think .....!


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