surrender to the god is the easy to pay and the best policy


what is the the surrender : 

1  first i thought as a army surrenders to another army. 

2, or a thief surrenders to the police when they give him warning to shoot. 

in these cases , there is only surrnder of the body. 

but real surrender is the surrender of body, mind and intellect and pride, ego, ahankaar ( sense of being). 

but the best example is as a new born child surrenders to the mother, unknowingly. 

still better example is a typical , old tradition indian wife, who is when arranged through a arranged marriage, totally surrenders to his husband.  

this husband  is not a perfect, may not be full loving, caring, earning, sick, bad-tempered, and all bad deeds, but she tries to be with him and be calm and happy. 

surrender to the god is much much easier and rewarding, as in comparison to above example, the god is just opposite, : he is most beautiful, most strong, knowledgable, caring, loving, never take ill of anything, 

and what you have to give-up for this bargain ?

just nothing, you just feel yourself under the protection of him, and you will be considered surrendered.

unlike taking asylum in a country, you do not need the acceptance of the god , as he has no choice, but to grant you the asylum and keep you under his protection and utmost care. 


some days i was very happy, after taking a dicision of surrender, that i have done a great, clever job.


but when i talked to some of other spritual devotees, one of them told , there is nothing special in this.  

whether you surrender or not, you , and every body, is automatically under the protection and love of the god. 

so doing surrender will not change anything, except that , you will have a feeling of belongingness, safety, surity, and comfort, that some body able, and loving is taking care of you. 

actually there is no choice.

by no way you can be outside the love and care of the god, even if you are a person of bad traits.  

god has no choice, but to love you and take care of you and every body, even your so called enemies. 


so if he is good to both angelic and demonic persons, then what is the use of being good !

nothing, but you can not be opposite, because your inner nature does not allows you to behave different then what you should have been. 


still if you love the god , there is a discrimation in the kingdom of the lord that , you get a better treatment, then the normal ones.  ( sri madd bhagwad gita chapter 9, verse 29)


Bhagavad Gita Verse 29, Chapter 9

samoham sarvabhooteshu na me dveshyati na priyaha |
ye bhajanti tu maam bhaktyaa mayi te teshu chaapyaham || 29 ||

I am the same to all beings, I do not hate nor favour any one. But, those who worship me faithfully, they are in me and I am in them.
so you do not pay anything for being surrendered.  
and you feel the warmth of  all the care, love and protection, which was always given to you.  but some times out of our ignorance, we thought that we are alone, and bad is being done to us.  
so it is almost a  W I N        W I N  situation . 
you surrender: you get protection  
you do not surrender : you get the same protection 

there is only one difference, that when you feel that you have surrendered , then you feel relax , just by knowing that god is standing on toes to help you. 
so surrender is the best policy, without any premium to pay. 

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