अखंड भारत के और खंड और सरकार की एवं देश की आँखे बंद, कवितायेँ चालू हैं .

नीचे दिखाया चित्र गूगल के द्वारा दिखाया गया है , इस पर कहीं कोई टिपण्णी नहीं , मैच , व कवितायेँ बदस्तूर चालु हैं.

मेरा बचा हुआ भ्रस्ताचार त्रस्त भारत महान है. और उससे भी महान हैं यहाँ के नेता व ब्लोगिए .

Distortion of Indian Map by 'Google Analytics'

Dear Indians,

Please participate in online signature drive against India Map distortion

Appeal to Patriotic Indians

A patriotic Indian has brought to our notice that Google Analytics has depicted incorrect map of India in its application. As it is evident from the image shown alongside, Google has not shown Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Lakshadweep Islands in the domain of India. Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh and Lakshadweep Islands are integral parts of India and by publishing such a map Google has hurt the sentiments of billions of patriotic Indians and has committed serious national crime. It is the duty of all patriotic Indians to protest lawfully against this act of Google, so that it stop this deliberate distortion of India's borders and also it tenders a public apology for hurting the national sentiments of billions of Indians.

Also Google is playing double game with Indians. It shows correct map of India in its Indian website : http://maps.google.co.in But it shows incorrect map of India in its all other websites, for example : http://maps.google.com

Please participate in the Signature Drive against 'Google' to stop the insult of our beloved country 'India' :


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