हाय महा शोक ! मेरे जर्मन दोस्त मार्गदर्शक मधुकर / Swami Madhukar aka Swami Dhyan Hareesh (Berthold Happle-Thompson) का देहांत

प्रिय मित्रों

मैं इस ब्लॉग के द्वारा आपको मेरे महाशोक में सम्मिलित करना चाहता हूँ .

१९८४ में जब मैंने जर्मनी रहता था , तब वो मेरे अभिन्न मित्र थे .

मैंने उनसे बहुत कुछ सीखा

३ साल से भारत में वेदान्त का अध्यन कर रहे थे.

२३ मई को ऊटी के पास एक्सीडेंट में उनका देहांत हो गया.

मैं खुद एक गीता का एवं वेदांत का विद्यार्थी होने के नाते , चूँकि आत्मा अमर है , मुझे शोक नहीं होना चाइए था , मगर शोक हो रहा है इसका अर्थ यह हुआ कि जो मैंने पढ़आ है वह केवल किताबी ज्ञान है. उसे मैं जीवन में नहीं उतार पाया.

ईश्वर उनको अपने गोलोक वृन्दावन धाम में जगह दें, हम्मारी यही प्रार्थना है.

नीचे लिखा पत्र मेरे दूसरे जेर्मन मित्र जो आब U S A में रहते हैं , उनका है, और मारा उत्तर भी, जिससे मुझे इस हादसे का पता चला , और दिल की दिल मैं ही रह गई .

Dear Ashok-bhai,
I am conveying sad news to you. Our beloved friend Madhu has left us and this earthly plane.
When we feel grief the thin veil that separates us from the spiritual life is removed. The good news is that Madhu is alive and present in our hearts.
* * * * * *
Bernard Mohan Fickert
P.O Box 80210
Haiku, HI 96708
572-3520 h • 575-7696 w • 264-2399 c

"Like a tiny drop of dew, or a bubble floating in a stream;
Like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,
Or a flickering lamp, an illusion, a phantom, or a dream.
So is all conditioned existence to be seen."

The Diamond Sutra

From: Bernard Mohan Fickert <graceoflife2002@yahoo.com>

Swami Madhukar aka Swami Dhyan Hareesh
(Berthold Happle-Thompson)
June 22, 1949 – May 23, 2011

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha
Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha
Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha
Bodhi Svaha

Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
Gone, Gone, Gone beyond Gone utterly beyond
Oh what an Awakening

(The Heart Sutra)

Dear Friends,

This to let you know that Swami Madhukar was involved in a fatal traffic accident yesterday. In an email from a couple of days ago he wrote “All is well. Today I will visit Outy on my scooter (100 km), a cool Hill Station- it is 34 degrees Celsius here”.
This morning I was informed that his scooter collided with a another vehicle and that he passed on at the scene of the accident.

Madhu lived in Ainakatti (Tamil Nadu), he felt at home in his chosen “Motherland India”. He had committed to a 3-year Vedanta study at Swami Dhayananda’s ashram (http://www.arshavidya.org/home.html) and was devoted to the spiritual life. His body was cremated on a funeral pyre ashes will be scattered at the ashram.
Tonight at 6:30 we will have a Osho Live Music Satsang at The Studio Maui.

This will be free event; I am inviting everybody on Madhu’s behalf to celebrate his life and death and to hold him in the light. I look forward to seeing you there so we can give Madhu the kind of send off he will enjoy!

Bernard Mohan Fickert

Whoever may have died right now… each death is your death, because each death is a reminder that you are not going to be here forever. Each death is an opportunity to be awake. Before death comes use the opportunity of life to attain something which is beyond death.
The secret is, start living more fully, more totally. Be more alert so that you can find within yourself something that is unreachable by death. That is the only shelter, the only security, the only safety. And if you want to help your friends and family, let them become aware of this secret.
A man of realization knows there is no death. Death is a fiction, you have never died. Yes, you have changed your form many times. You have changed your house many times, many times. But you have never died...

My sannyasins celebrate death too, because to me death is not the end of life but the very crescendo of life, the very climax. It is the ultimate of life.
If your life was of meditativeness, awareness, witnessing, then you will be able to witness death too. If your whole life you remained cool, centered in different situations, death will give you the ultimate challenge, the ultimate test. And if you can remain centered, calm and cool and watching, then you will not die an unconscious death, your death will bring you to the ultimate peak of consciousness. And then, certainly, it HAS to be celebrated. So whenever one of my sannyasins dies, we celebrate, we dance, we sing. We give him a good farewell.

Sannyasins celebrate death because they celebrate life. And death is not against life; it does not end life, it only brings life to a beautiful peak. Life continues even after death. It was there before birth, it is going to continue after death. Life is not confined to the small space that exists between birth and death; on the contrary, births and deaths are small episodes in the eternity of life.

We celebrate everything. Celebration is our way to receive all the gifts from God. Life is his gift, death is his gift; the body is his gift, the soul is his gift. We celebrate everything. We love the body, we love the soul. We are materialist spiritualists. Nothing like this has ever happened in the world. This is a new experiment, a new beginning, and it has a great future.

During the days of "Poona 1" Hareesh (his Osho sannyas name) had written a note which Osho responded to during morning discourse. It is part of the Volume "The Great Pilgrimage from Here to Here", Chapter 8.

my reply :
dear mohan,

unbelievable !

all this time , i was thinking , he is in india, he is into the subject , which is everything for me. one day very soon i will meet him here, it is so easy, but .........he betrayed.

just i should have said these things to him, but we are so egoistic, we fear in saying even good things to each other. now i will not stop myself.

you two were always my idol, since i met you,

you both are so natural, lovable, humourous, friendly, and what not. it is a big personal loss to me.

you know he sent me 5 books to go through, a few months back, and often guiding me in my spritual endevours.

according to my vedanta information, body is just not important, and soul never dies. so there should be no reason for any sorrow.

but since, i have only studied these things, and not able to assimilate, i feel a lot of sorrow, because of my wishes , which were to enjoy, his company.

i should not be sad , as a test of my spiritual level, but i admit , i have failed and i am really very sad.

and about him, his connections to me, no body , here knows, except you. you are my only living witness and chandrika also, you two are my only witnesses, and i want to cry like anything,

his leaving the body, makes me press hard to think seriously about my superficial spritual infromation and not the knowledge.

you are right, he is ever living in our memories. but sometime i think, if again i could not met him , through you, i would not get a chance to know of his passing away, and i would not have been sad.

now what is the use of these things to me or anybody.

this is the best thought to ease me, according to vedanta, every person is a non-dying soul, covered by a dying body, and takes another body, dies and this cycle goes on till infinity. and in this way we all have met and seperated thousand times, so not a big deal.


ashok gupta


आशुतोष की कलम said...

नैनं छिन्दन्ति शस्त्राणि नैनं दहति पावकः ।
न चैनं क्लेदयन्त्यापो न शोषयति मारुतः ..


I and god said...

धन्यवाद आशुतोष जी

कम से कम कोई तो है हमारे शोक में शरीक होने वाला.

अशोक गुप्ता