games or opium to the country

games or opium to the country

Many congratulations on the winning of India.

If I talk something else on this day, people will say, this man is pessimistic, he is against the India, he can not see Indians happy etc.

But still there might be some persons, who are interested in the betterment of the people of country, and not in a few days or hours of false enjoyment of the urban people of this country. I am writing for those, so that, they give their mind, and design some way to help the masses of the country,

My only concern is, that how many days, months, and years, India will live on the opium of sponsored programmes for the city people, media , businesspeople, and leaders.

If they are concerned about the games, do all the children of this country , have the playing facility for any game , not to talk of cricket or any other games, like football, hockey, weight lifting, cycling, athletics, swimming.

These matches, the common wealth matches, some other women day, valentine, and so many things, are like the intoxication of opium to the hungry and thirsty country.

The intelligentsia of this country should think about the development of the common man. And I am sure, if every person thinks about it, at least that person will get the kripa, blessings of the god.

please send your valuable comments and guidance.

very important :

please if some body knows of a simple method of typing in hindi, some link, or website or anything,,, please guide me so that i can put my views in my mother language only.

Jai shree Krishna

Ashok gupta


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