three interesting questions


i had three very interesting questions , through my guru jee , in new  york . 

that interesting question with my inability to reply, i am sharing with you . 

the question : 

Respected Swamiji,
I have three questions for you.
First, i would like to know when & who started Sati Pratha?
In Mahabharat ( 5000 years ago), Pandu's wife Madri commited it.
Second, When & who started Raksha Bandhan?
Last, Why Devi is more popular and have more devotees in West Bengal?

With Regards
Madan Sharma
swami jee's instructions to me : -

as swamijee is very busy, he wanted me to give a reply, (partly to know, what their pupils think about ). so he wrote to me . 

Prabhu ji Ashish!
I need the answer of the following for a devotee in Long Island.
Please shed some light of your knowledge or from some one knowledgeable you know.
Your help will be appreciated.
With blessings!
my reply to this query : 

most respected swamijee, 

this devotee is asking very intelligent questions, which only a person, who has gone throughly through all or most of the scripture can answer. 

there is no end for these intelligent questions, for which i am just the incapable.

i have my own questions, which i will request you to take help from a lot of devotees, including this devotee from long island.  i.e. 

how and why,  the sorrow comes , when the god is mercifull. 

in other words: 
why lord gives lot of pain out of `His Mercy

the time is very small, and we are in big trouble. 

like i was just seeing a feature in discovery, where a airplane landed in the sea near manhattan, and that was drowning too fast.  

i consider myself , as a passanger caught in that situation, and the biggest question , for me is how to save myself from sinking in the sea, 

when i am saved,  then i will enquire, how and why this plane came into such situation, who was responsible, and what is the history of such incidents. 

there comes two volumes of a book named" क्यों " which has such thousand questions and answers, and there are hundreds of similar books. 

i raised this question, in one of my blog , for which the link is as under : 

i am not saying that the devotee's question or eagerness or query is not important, but it needs a full  of knowledge of shashtra's , and a lot of reasearch, of which i am just incapable. 

yours obediently . 

ashok gupta 

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